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How To Have A Conversation With Your Body For Healing | 10 Tips For Mind-Body Dialogues | BABH S2Ep103

season 2 Oct 19, 2021

EPISODE 103: How To Have A Conversation With Your Body For Healing | 10 Tips For Mind-Body Dialogues

I have this perspective that the body is an amazing healing machine...

If you're able to get out of your own way and listen to its signals.

One of the most direct ways I know of to do that (and a technique I've used in various forms in my practice and life) is to have a conversation with your body...

To literally talk to the body; the part of the body that is giving you signals (showing symptoms)...

And let your natural body-wisdom flow!

Time and time again I've seen how healing this can be so, in this episode I thought I would share with you: How to have a conversation with your body for healing.

I'm gonna give you my best 10 Tips for Mind-Body Dialogues  so you can understand the process, know how to do it and bring yourself some physical relief.

So hit that play button and let's dive in!


My 10 Tips Are:

  1. Give it focus
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Be conversational and light
  4. Use personification

  5. Be open (drop agenda's and dogma - especially mind-body maps)
  6. Listen (really receive what it's saying or expressing)
  7. Respond (be empathetic and solution focused; commit to actions)

  8. Honour any resistance that arises
  9. Use tools within the conversation (eg. NPA)
  10. There may be multiple issues or layers attached to one place.

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Episode 102 will help you understand the importance of commitment as you follow up your conversations with your body: LISTEN HERE

Episode 2 This episode talks about baby steps which will help you understand the micro-commitment facet of taking action after your body dialogue LISTEN HERE


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