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Revisiting The Brilliant Human 5 Point Blueprint For Growth | BABH S2Ep106

season 2 Nov 09, 2021

EPISODE 106: Revisiting The Brilliant Human 5 Point Blueprint For Growth

If you are on the awakening journey and find at times you feel lost, overwhelmed and wonder what the heck you're doing; this 5 point blueprint will help you drop the self-judgement, find your feet and re-inspire you to move forward in a powerful and connected way.

So hit that play button and let's dive in!


I've found that returning to this 5 Point Blueprint can shift me and my clients from stalling and make a shift from being full of self judgement to movement, progress, self acceptance.

It’s a relief and tends to reconnect you to that state of inspiration; that’s my prayer for you from this episode.

The 5 Point Blueprint For Growth

POINT 1: A Discovery Mindset

  • A discovery means being in the receiving mode
  • Curiosity
  • Opening to prompts
  • Willing to be humble to not know
  • A discovery mindset is free of judgement (self judgement)

POINT 2: Start Where You Are (be where you are)

  • Do an honest review
  • Being where you are rather than where you THINK you ought to be - point of power

POINT 3: Consistent Baby Steps

  • Contact Movie: Small moves Ellie
  • Our culture looks for big wins and dismisses the less sexy little steps
  • The big shifts come along - plateaus and peaks - scales tip after lots of little adds
  • Little and often - humbling

POINT 4: Express, Test, Refine

  • Stumble forward gracefully
  • You have to go out and get feedback
  • Iterative change
  • The constant of imperfection in a growth path

POINT 5: The Progress spiral

  • When you meet 'the same old stuff' it doesn't mean you failed.
  • You will likely meet the same stuff over and over if it's core to your personality. But each time you meet it, you will meet it in a new way; it's simply your flavour of the signal that you're at a growth edge.
  • Think in terms of levelling up, like a video game.
  • Tree rings are basically the same shape; they represent contraction (dark rings) and expansion (light rings) phases.


  • Pick one area you are growing in and feel stalled or overwhelmed
  • Get curious about it (Discovery mindset)
  • Get honest - where are you - what do you know, what have you learned, what don’t you know - ruthless self honesty
  • Ask yourself what small moves you can make to move you forward
  • Commit to movement - express, test, refine
  • If you’ve hit ‘the same old shit’ - is it really the same or have you just levelled up?

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Episode 102 will help you understand the importance of commitment as you apply the 5 point plan: LISTEN HERE


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