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Revisiting Three Types Of Interaction To Master For Authentic Brilliance | BABH S2Ep107

season 2 Nov 16, 2021

EPISODE 107: Revisiting Three Types Of Interaction To Master For Authentic Brilliance

In this weeks gem-packed episode I share NPA's relational model of the Universe.

You'll find out why the old "Fix and Eradicate" model of personal and spiritual development creates pressure and failure...

And how NPA's "Relational View" instantly releases the pressure and nurtures an opening in the process of change.

I'm also sharing the 3 types of interaction which, if you master them, will bring you fully into your authentic brilliance.

So hit that play button and let's dive in!


Authentic Brilliance?

  • Authenticity (being more real)
  • Dropping masks
    • = less invested in them
    • = getting out of your own way
  • Holding your identities lightly

NPA As A Relational Model

Viewing the world through the filter of relationship means shifting the relationship to our ‘stuff’ rather than trying to get rid of it

The Fix and Eradicate Model ("Get rid of it") => relational shifts

  • Pressure and failure
  • The stuff comes back (or seems to)
  • It’s very polarised
  • The ’stuff’ fights back; fighting for survival
  • The inner work becomes a grind

NPA and The Relational View (Relational shifts)

  • Instantly releases the pressure
  • Gets out of the life-or-death/win-lose mindset
  • Invokes a deeply co-operational perspective
    Nurtures a softening
  • Encourages an opening in the process of change
  • puts you in a more effective state

Relational in practical terms means interactive - communication

Communication skills and the dynamics of relationship (and generally we have pretty poor models of relating)

Not just ‘talking’ - it’s the energy you are coming from
It’s a practice - mastery always takes practice - and it’s never going to be done because there’s always more to learn.
The best relational interactions come when we all drop our masks and get real with each other?

The 3 Types Of Interaction

Human Interactions

This is so key to our quality of life

How we communicate with others effects…

  • the quality of our response
  • the quality of our influence

SHARING YOU: warmth, tone, inner confidence, clarity - knowing where we stand, boundaries
RECEIVING THEM: listening - empathy, understanding, sensory acuity
ACTIONS that follow communication - they will tend to follow the energy anyway

SWEET SPOT: spoken skills AND inner congruency - you matter - invisibility - words and power (connected words)

Internal Interactions

This is where you marshal and master yourself

  • What you say to yourself effects confidence and congruence
  • Communications with self can be your medicine or your poison
  • It’s not just inner dialogue - it’s feelings and identity - who you say you are and who you feel you are

It’s the realm of self-inquiry and growth - clearing your shit
Remember YOU are a human - so sharing/receiving.congruent actions all apply

SWEET SPOT: Be kind to you

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Intuitive Interactions

Ref interactions with your intuition/animation

May seem similar to internal and IS a form - but here looking more at how we relate to the deeper functions of intuition and instinct


  • Intuition links micro to macro
  • Intuition links personal perspective to universal perspective
  • There’s always more going on than you can see or know
  • Incomprehensible complexity condensed to an intuitive prompt, a knowing…

Everyone is intuitive...
We can easily get lost in new age ideas of what guidance should like - but I’ve found that the best way to improve your relationship with your intuition is to explore how it’s already speaking to you

When the path of communications is clear you have a clear and grounded navigation system that will guide you well


When you think as relationship you nurture it - trust, openness and availability - works for all three

Think as these three as cogs of the system - when all are lined up the cogs work together - the power is leveraged and your brilliance can shine

For now it’s my hope that this perspective opens a door - a new perspective that in itself can make a difference and get you thinking about the key interactions of your life

And again, I don’t know a better tool for surreptitiously putting all the elements in place for a powerful, effective interactional and relational life experience, than NPA

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Episode 106 is also a foundational episode and well worth a listen: LISTEN HERE


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