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Control The Narrative Of Your Life (Because Your Story Becomes Your Reality) | BABH S2Ep109

season 2 Nov 30, 2021

EPISODE 109: Control The Narrative Of Your Life (Because Your Story Becomes Your Reality)

What impacts your life experience more than anything else, is the story you tell about it… Because your story becomes your reality.

It’s unlikely that this idea is completely new to you, but I’ve found, that this is one of those areas, where nuances are missed; it’s often taken at surface value and, this powerful medicine can even become the poison.

In this episode we’ll take a Brilliant Human look at

  • Why your story becomes your reality
  • Why a bad story is really bad
  • Why a good story is really good
  • Why what looks like a good story can sometimes be a bad story
  • How to find a story that truly works for you
    (One that serves you, empowers you and is neither cloud cuckoo spiritual bullshit for fear laden limitation)

This is gonna be an amazing episode… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So hit that play button and let's dive in!

Quick Links from this episode:


How Your Story Impacts Your Experience

  • Society and history show us that stories are living, breathing things that have an impact on our lives 
  • We live in a world of pure energy, our experience is based on our translation
    • Meanings > beliefs > filters > experience > emotion > action
  • Translations/thought spark chemicals in the brain
    • Instant reflection in our physiology... and ultimately our health

"If you're gonna have a story, make it a good one"
Joel Young

Have a good story

  • We don’t know the ultimate 'truth' anyway
  • ALL we have is our story of the world

What's a good story?

  • Not black and white answer
  • Not just rote positivity
  • It needs to connect

What’s the story you tell yourself?

  • About a situation?
  • About who you are?
  • About other people?

In the simplest terms...

  • Is it a story that paints you the victim?
  • Or a story that empowers you?

Check Your Story

  • Acknowledge you’re telling yourself a story
  • Is your story working for you?
  • How does it make you feel? React?
  • How do others react to your story?
  • Check in with the energy…

If it’s not great (or worse) - consider finding a better one…

Building A Better Story

  • Feel it out
    • Check in with yourself
    • Find the resonance that feels better AND is congruent
  • Does this story serve me?
  • Byron Katie: "Does it bring me peace or stress?"
  • Not just positive bullshit
    • Find an authentic story that feels better (that works for you)

It’s not about using it as a pacifier

Sometimes a pacifying story is worse than a ‘real’ story...

Used negatively for:

  • Suppression
  • Minimisation
  • Avoidance
  • Self-Neglect
  • Passivity

What motivates you?

  • There can be true peace in discomfort if it is a motivating factor
  • Sometimes a challenging story creates action (over chronic self-harming passivity)


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