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How Do I Stay Motivated In Lockdown? | 3 Ways To Find Your Congruent Why | BABH S1Ep31

season 1 Apr 28, 2020

EPISODE 31: How Do I Stay Motivated In Lockdown? | 3 Ways To Find Your Congruent Why

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people how the lockdown days are rolling into one and it’s hard not to melt into a dirge - I’ve certainly felt that way at times over the last few weeks!

Here in the UK, lots of people have been furloughed, the sun's out and they're chillin’ in their garden so- in spite of the severity of what’s going on for the thousands that are directly effected by covid-19 - there’s a weird kind of chill-out/holiday vibe in the ethers.

The thing is, we are in a collective bath of energy and it can be easy to slip into the general energy that’s around. That's fine if that’s what you’re called to do. However if, like me, there’s still lots of work to do or it leaves you feeling out-of-sorts or like you're letting yourself down in some way, it’s not so great.

I’m hearing many folks saying there are projects that they thought they’d finish with ‘all that extra time’ but they aren’t getting done. I'm hearing how that’s not feeling great and they’re asking "How the heck do I stay motivated?"

I wanted to do this podcast to answer that question.

And, of course, if you’re doing just fine in the lockdown, there are always times in life where a motivational block can strike, so I’ve got you covered too.

In this episode I touch on the standard motivational advice and give you my thoughts on those… and then we take a deeper look at what’s really going on when the standard advice doesn't cut it.

I give you practical, actionable steps - actually, 3 methods - to help you get inspired, get motivated, feel great and get that shit done!

So, hit that play button and let's dive in!


If you’re feeling de-motivated it can be really good to:

  • Take a break
  • Have an inspiring conversation with a friend or mentor who understands your dreams and will hold you to a high standard
  • Try something (or learn something) new and different
  • Apply some will power and self-discipline - chunk things down into steps that don't overwhelm you

If those don't work, or don't inspire you then chances are you haven’t found your compelling and congruent reason why.

My 3 methods to help you find that:

  1. The Direct Method - which is where you simply ask your self:
    "Why do I want to do this? Why am I choosing this?"

  2. The Aikido Method - where you access the current dirge feeling, have a dialogue with it and look to find a united inner purpose - an inner reason why. There are 3 steps:

    Step 1: Ask yourself, "What do I feel when I think about doing this?"
    Step 2: Ask yourself, "If this feeling had words, what would it say?"
    Step 3: Open a Dialogue

  3. The Transcendence Method - which helps you find a reason that transcends the fear that’s paralysing you. Ask yourself:
    "Why would I choose to do this, even though my scary story might come true?"

When The Going Get's Tough

You can use The Transcendence Method to sustain motivation when things get tough or with really difficult or scary actions or decisions.

Slightly adjust the question to reflect that in this situation it’s about keeping going and ask yourself...

"Why would I choose to keep going, even though my scary story about it might be true?"

You can also tailor the questions to the specifics of your situation. Here's 3 examples, with example answers:

Q: Why would I choose to keep the faith and continue working on my business even though it might fail any time? Why would I choose to continue anyway?

A: Because giving my dream a chance is more important than success or failure - I want to experience living my passion.

Q: Why would I leave this relationship, even though it might create financial crisis and there's no guarantee that my next partner will work out? Why would you choose to leave anyway?

A: Because giving myself the chance of a fulfilling relationship experience is more important to me than financial security

Q: Why would I choose to speak this risky truth to my father/mother/lover/friend even though they might get mad, not really listen and maybe even reject me completely? Why would you choose to tell them anyway?

A: Because NOT speaking my truth is killing me, so the need to express myself over-rides all possible outcomes



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