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Why Taking Risks Is Essential For Success | BABH S2Ep110

season 2 Dec 07, 2021

EPISODE 110: Why Taking Risks Is Essential For Success

Is your risk story killing your dreams?

A big part of why so many people don’t go for their dreams, live their passions and reach their full potential is that the story they tell themselves is convincingly scary enough that it stops them in their tracks.

And usually underpinning that is a meta-story that risk is dangerous and bad.

It’s time to change that because, dear listener, you deserve your best life, not some watered down version of it.

In this weeks episode we’re looking at Why Taking Risks Is Essential For Success.

I’ll be sharing my perspective on:

  • Why risk is genuinely unavoidable - whatever your story.
  • What’s the real issue when your story of risk stops you from living the life of your dreams?
  • And how you can shift your risk story so that it works for you
    (including my secret for making risk fun).

So hit that play button and let's dive in!

Quick Links from this episode:


Key Points

  • Life is risk
  • It’s the story you tell yourself... the fear of
    • Failure
    • Rejection
    • Loss
    • Success
  • Watch out for blaming others (society, loved ones etc.)
  • Risk vs reward > think recklessness vs consciousness
  • Making risk fun > think in terms of exploration and experimentation
    • Finding win-wins

Questions for Exploring & Shifting Your Risk Story

  • What do you actually want to be doing or being?
  • What’s the risk story you’re telling yourself that is frightening you into not doing something you’d really love to do?
    • What bad stuff does it mean about you?
    • What are the dire consequences to you, your life, to others (those you care about)?
  • What are the consequences if the fear wins?
    • Getting leverage
  • How can you shift the narrative?
    • What great stuff could it mean about you?
    • What are the potential benefits to you, your life, to others (those you care about)?


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Episode 109 Goes deeply into the arena of shifting your narrative or story: LISTEN HERE



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