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4 Things Birds Can Teach You About Overcoming Fear | BABH S1Ep18

season 1 Jan 28, 2020

EPISODE 18: 4 Things Birds Can Teach You About Overcoming Fear

Today’s episode, as they say in the movies, is “Inspired by true events”

There is good reason for it and it’s part of our survival strategy. But
so often fear within us is based on a story in our head that’s either straight up not true, or is grossly exaggerated.

If you’re being metaphorically chased by a hungry tiger, where fear’s ability to pump you full of adrenaline so you can run like Forrest Gump, then it’s a good thing.

Otherwise it's likely the fear is just a limitation…

In those cases it’s worth looking at how you can overcome those fears, have less limits and achieve and experience more in this brief and wondrous tick of Universal time we call a human life.

As I watched the behaviour of birds in the garden; how they relate to fear and overcome it, I was inspired to do this episode.

You'll hear "A Tale of Two Robins" (Called Jack & Silver) and how a bold Pigeon showed the Crows and the Seagulls how it's done!

Fear is a vast topic - so I’m going to focus on 4 things that the birds highlighted - which point to some ways to deal with those, likely false or unfounded fears. And, of course, I’ll be offering some practical suggestions of how YOU can implement each of them in your life…

Sound good?

Then hit that play button, let’s spread our wings and get right into it!



1. Clear Desire Overcomes Fear

A strong enough and clear enough awareness of the positive benefit of stepping forward in spite of the fear can be enough

2. Safety in numbers

Sometimes we need the help, support and encouragement of others - of course it needs to be the right support - and depending on the circumstances and your environment, that might mean professional help. I’m here.

3. FOMO Can Overcome FOTA (Fear of Doing)

FOMO can give you leverage enough to end the paralysis and actually take action - focus on the opportunity, the benefits of seizing it and the cost to you and your life of NOT seizing it - what will you miss out on if you succumb to the fear?

4. Trust is built on evidence and experience over time

If you take the time to build trust, it’s a strong antidote to fear. It’s all about repeating and building upon small steps - ideally neither over-stretching or under-stretching. What small thing can you do to build your trust today?


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Arti Joshi - Fearless Dating Podcast:

I may have said this episode is about "Birds & Fear", but we're not in the 70's anymore, so I didn't mean it's about Fearless Dating - however, if that's what you're looking for my fine friend Arti Joshi is a dating coach and has a fab podcast, which is literally called "Fearless Dating". Click the image or search "Fearless Dating" on your podcast platform and her website is 😁

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