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WHAT IS AWAKENING? | Guest Podcast Episode - George Hardwick | BABH S1Ep20

season 1 Feb 11, 2020

EPISODE 20: What Is Awakening?

Last month I was invited by the wonderful George Hardwick to be a guest on his fabulous Sovereign Human Show. The interview was great fun and packed with gems on the topic of “What is Awakening” so I thought I’d share it with you here in this ‘podcast takeover’ episode.

We cover

  • Being the Rockstar of your life [4:50]
  • Grounding spirituality [9:25]
  • Why healing happens of it’s own accord [15:50]
  • The importance of honouring the human experience [19:57]
  • The generational legacy and waves of awakening [21:15]
  • Awakening & Conscious self-reflection [27:08]
  • Hypocrisy & self-directed kindness [31:15]
  • How opposites create form [35:20]
  • Experiencing the ‘background shift’ as you step into the new paradigm [37:20]
  • Going to the next level of awakening [39:15]
  • From invisibility to Rockstar! [43:20]
  • Up-levelling your intentions [46:22]
  • Being witnessed [56:00]

As I said - a jam packed episode - so click the play button and enjoy!



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