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Are You The Rockstar of Your Life? | 13 Reasons Why Stepping Centre Stage of Your Life is a Brilliant Decision | BABH S1Ep22

season 1 Feb 25, 2020

EPISDODE 22: Are You The Rockstar of Your Life? | 13 Reasons Why Stepping Centre Stage of Your Life is a Brilliant Decision

Today I’m asking you “Are you the rockstar of your life?”

Since I was 8 years old and picked up my first guitar I knew I wanted to be a rockstar.

I managed some success in that regard in the early 90's with an Alternative Rock band. But the collapse of that dream set me on a path of self-discovery and healing. Still, 3 decades later, the ESSENCE of those 8 year old Rockstar dreams hold true - just not so literally.

I’ve realised that what I always wanted, was to be the Rockstar of my life. Confidently standing in the light, centre stage of my life, sharing my heart and touching the hearts of others.

And I’ve realised that, over the years, THAT has been at the core of what I’ve helped others with - it’s what I can help YOU with; To become the Rockstar of YOUR life.

So today we’re going to look at what that means for you - what are the qualities that demonstrate you are the rockstar of your life?

Think of this episode as your 13 reasons why you might want to engage your inner rockstar and step centre stage of your life.

As I go through the list, I’ll lay out the quality as it shows up in a literal rockstar and then come back to your life and how the metaphor might play out for you, and in some cases pose some prompting questions to you.

So, click that play button and enjoy!


In your Rockstar you are:

  1. Free to stand up and be seen
  2. Free to creatively explore your expression
  3. Free to live outside the confines of hum-drum expectations and to choose how you live
  4. Embracing the normality of being applauded and rewarded for your uniqueness
  5. Confidently aware of the impact you have on those you touch
  6. Living in abundance doing what you love
  7. Willing to embrace the imperfection of your humanity and let your genius shine
  8. Imbued with the inherent freedom that comes from knowing that not everyone will love your ‘music’ but your ‘crowd’ get you and show up because you mean something to them
  9. Eager to get out there with passion and purpose to promote your cause, your message, your idea, your work - your Soul’s music!
  10. An acute sense of community, connection and that all creation is co-creation
  11. Filled with gratitude for the support it takes to allow you to be centre stage, balanced with positive entitlement; worthiness and deserving
  12. An awareness that you and your expression are always evolving
  13. And knowing that this is all for fun - ultimately it’s your joy that lives, breathes and shines at the centre stage of your life.


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