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How To Be A Highly Sensitive Person And Really Enjoy Life with Fiona Maguire | BABH S1Ep25

season 1 Mar 17, 2020

EPISODE 25: How To Be A Highly Sensitive Person And Really Enjoy Life with Fiona Maguire

Did you know that the brain of a Highly Sensitive Person is wired completely differently to the rest of the population?

Do you know what traits let you know if you're a Highly Sensitive Person or not?

Do you know the difference between a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath; and why the distinction matters?

And if you are a Highly Sensitive Person (or know someone who is) then would you like to know how to handle the challenges without becoming a victim, and make the most of the gifts?

Fiona Maguire is an Intuitive, Psychologist, International Speaker, Author of 'The Key To Awareness' and expert in the world of Highly Sensitive People. So I invited her onto the show to separate the wheat from the chaff and inspire you to step into what's possible.

So click that play button and enjoy!


Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person:

  • Overstimulated/overwhelmed more quickly than general population. 
    Note: Most people shut down as a defence mechanism.
  • Overwhelmed quickly
    Note: There are 2 factors at play with this:
    1. HSP Brains are wired differently - their arousal (stimulation) point is much lower than most so feel they things quicker.
    2. HSP's process information at a much deeper level - they pay attention to much more detail and make more connections. The advantage of this is that they absorb information for longer. In other words, when they learn they really learn. The disadvantage is that it takes ages to learn it.
  • HSP's Notice everything - the big picture and the small details at the same time, with an innate need to process it all.
  • Once HSP's get something, they want to know what’s 3 or 4 steps beyond what they've learned.

DISTINCTION: An empath and a HSP is not the same thing.
Empaths feel other peoples feelings and often take it on and physiologically respond as if they are feeling that emotion. Some can realise what’s ‘theirs’ and what’s ‘others’ emotion. Some can’t and can get lost figuring out why they are feeling what they’re feeling.

Fiona's Top Tips For Highly Sensitive People

  • It starts with awareness: Firstly recognise that you are a HSP.
  • Learn to recognise when you are overstimulated.
  • Learn how to be centred and grounded in your own energy. This gives you the awareness of whats going on for you.
  • When other energies/emotions come in and push and pull you - come back to you.
  • Ask “Am I giving out my energy to this person?” Nobody can take your energy unless you give them permission to do so.
  • Learn how to ‘be’ with (manage) your energy in a positive way for yourself and others
  • Don’t take your emotions so seriously - Remember we are not that, we are the experiencer of it.
  • Don’t be a victim of your wiring. Focus on the advantages of it.

Other great takeaways from Fiona:

  • Fiona realised, as a psychologist, that the system was focusing on peoples mental illness, not their mental health.  This inspired her to go her own way and develop The Key To Awareness and beyond.
  • Noticing that you are a HSP is really beneficial, but most information makes HSP’s victims. You are not a victim of your wiring.
  • We are not our thoughts.
  • When you’re quiet your innate intelligence comes alive and you always know what to do.


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