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Conquering The Fear Of Speaking Out | Transcending The Culture of Condemnation | BABH S1Ep45

season 1 Aug 04, 2020

EPISODE 45: Conquering The Fear Of Speaking Out | Transcending The Culture of Condemnation

Do you ever find yourself afraid to speak out in a group or a crowd when your opinion differs from 'the party line'?

Do you ever stop yourself from speaking up for what you want or what you believe - especially if it's different?

These are behaviours that sap our self-esteem and affirm our powerlessness, and yet we live in a culture of condemnation, with centuries of history which have normalised it.

Join me in this episode as I look the issue in the eye and explore:

  • The history and causes of silence in the face of wrongs
  • What causes us to tow the line
  • How condemnation of heresy is threaded through todays culture, from science to social media and government
  • The cost of silence and the benefits of speaking out
  • What it takes to be in your power and be unafraid to stand up for who you are and what you believe

Boundary issues are one of THE main causes of relational conflict, heart ache and a lack of purpose.

In a few short weeks, I’m going to be re-opening Boundary Bootcamp, my stellar 4 week online course where you’ll get everything you need to overcome your boundary blocks, build healthy boundaries that work for you (and hold them, even in the face of resistance) so you can start feeling great about yourself, revamp your relationships so they’re juicier, healthier and harmonious without you having to compromise and create a life that works for you!

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A History Of Condemnation For Speaking Out

  • Jesus crucified by the Romans/Jews
  • Heretics burned at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition
  • Nazi dissenters sent to camps

Modern Day

  • Whistleblowers disallowed a fair trial in USA (according to Edward Snowden)
  • Bruce Lipton made a pariah for questioning the DNA 'central dogma'
  • Social media condemnation to outing abusers (personal experience)

"Silence protects the perpetrator"

Benefits of Speaking Out

  • Getting support and help (eg after abuse)
  • Raise awareness of a situation so others don't become victims of it
  • Self-esteem, energy and empowerment (self-emancipation)

"If you are not speaking up and it doesn't feel good, you are not honouring your boundaries"

Changing The Paradigm (Personal Action)

The Messy Way

Walk the 'Terror Tunnel' and just do it. Speak up even if you're quaking, crying and scared shitless.

This is effective but not always possible and probably not the kindest thing to do to yourself. But it's an option.

A More Step by Step Approach

Work to increase your personal power and congruence so you can be super clear on your boundaries. Which will require you to:

  • Know what seduces you away from yourself and bust the stories
  • Untangle yourself from your unhealthy survival strategies and deep fears
  • Understand your secondary gains and realise what they cost you
  • Discover that you matter more

Boundary Bootcamp walks you through this process, then teaches you how you can identify, communicate and hold a healthy boundary. Speaking up with power makes a difference; to you and to the world.


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