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How To Identify A Boundary Issue (And What To Do About It) | BABH S1Ep46

season 1 Aug 11, 2020

EPISODE 46: How To Identify A Boundary Issue (And What To Do About It)

Having boundary issues is something which can be incredibly painful and thread itself through all areas of life.

But the problem for people who have boundary issues is that, very often, they don't even realise that the pain they're experiencing and the situations they're getting themselves into are because of those very boundary issues.

So on this episode I'll be sharing with you the ways that boundary issues show up; the inner red-flags and the situational red-flags that let you know if there's poor boundaries are at the root of of painful state of affairs.

I'll also let you know exactly what you can do about it so you can start having rock solid, super clear boundaries and why that can have such a profound and positive impact on your life.


For this weeks episode's notes, I've put together a sheet which will give you a comprehensive list of all the red-flags I cover in the show.

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Boundary issues are one of THE main causes of relational conflict, heart ache and a lack of purpose.

Now is the time to get in to Boundary Bootcamp, my stellar 4 week online course where you’ll get everything you need to overcome your boundary blocks, build healthy boundaries that work for you (and hold them, even in the face of resistance) so you can start feeling great about yourself, revamp your relationships so they’re juicier, healthier and harmonious without you having to compromise and create a life that works for you!

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