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5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 2: Using Spiritual Dogma as Avoidance | BABH S1Ep51

season 1 Sep 15, 2020

EPISODE 51: 5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 2: Using Spiritual Dogma as Avoidance

This is part 2 of a 5 part series looking at how we get in our own way when it comes the the journey of life transformation; how we prevent ourselves from making that shift we long for and slow (or even stall) our progress.

In Part 2 we take a look at the perils of spiritual (and personal development) dogma and how it takes you out of self-investigation and into a blind ally of stuckness.

I also share how to spot the red flags of dogma and what the antidote to dogma is.

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DOGMA: A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true

The Perils of Dogma

  • A cankered mind.
  • Limited view.
  • Lack of openness.
  • Dogma leads to blindness.

The Attraction of Dogma

  • Dogma represents itself as 'the known'
  • The 'known' keeps us in our comfort zones
  • What's known is NOT grown

Dogma Examples

  • I'm a Soul having a human experience
  • Non-Dual: We are nothing / all is an illusion
  • Mind-body health maps eg. Liver issues are about anger
  • The way to heal: You need to resolve your history/face your emotions/change your beliefs in order to heal.

The Antidote to Dogma

The NPA Process and especially the trainings embody the antidotes to impatience, which are:

  • Inherent openness
  • Challenging structures
  • Having no agenda

How To Avoid Dogma

STEP 1: Spot it

Notice where you are operating from assumption; where something feels 'known' or incontrovertibly true.

STEP 2:  Question the dogma

Great questions to ask:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it true in this context?
  • Does it serve me?
  • Does it help me feel a sense of movement and flow or does it keep me rigid and stuck?

STEP 3: The Dogma Detox Unsubscribe Process

If it's not shifting or feels stuck in you, try this process:

  1. Identify the dogmatic idea/thought
  2. Give it a form - imagine it in front of you - what does it look like, colour, size etc
  3. Imagine an 'Unsubscribe Button' underneath it
  4. Imagine yourself clicking that button and unsubscribing
  5. Give a little space and time to allow the resulting experience.

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