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The Kindest Way To Shift Your Eating Habits (A Non-Personal Approach) | BABH S1Ep57

season 1 Oct 27, 2020

EPISODE 57: The Kindest Way To Shift Your Eating Habits (A Non-Personal Approach)

In response to a listeners request to cover the topic of weight and food issues I’m sharing an extract from a recent NPA Community Call, which includes some great intuitive eating tips.

I came to intuitive eating naturally through NPA which enabled an effortless weight loss to the tune of 4.5st (63lbs).

If you'd like to learn more about eating consciously, living a diet free life, have lost your dieting motivation and are wondering why dieting fails - then this episode is full of intuitive (aka mindful) eating tips for you.

It's the no diet diet that uses consciousness and a non-personal approach to shift your relationship to food and weight loss.

Click that play button and let's get in to it!


Allow Yourself The Gift Of Unedited Eating

When you allow yourself to eat 'unedited' and become the witness you begin to learn and feel what's working what's not

The Sponsoring Energy You Eat With Is Critical

Become aware of the 'energy' you are eating with. Are you eating with guilt? with joy? with should-ness? with love? The energy you eat with is, in many ways, more what you are eating than the material substance; at least it has a surprising impact on how the body deals with it.

The Importance Of Allowing The Flow Of Self-Correction

It's important to become discerning: know the difference between 'I love this chocolate' as a cover up to it being laced with 'guilt' or 'blocking energy' (as in blocking from feeling some deeper feeling) vs genuine freedom, joy or pleasure.

Dropping The Judgement

Judgement just adds to the mix of unhelpful energy so, as much as possible, drop the judgement... and if you find yourself judging? Then even drop the judgement of judgement!

Co-Creating With Your Body

Consider dialoguing with your body to come into a co-creative mindset, enabling better feedback and awareness of what is truly wanted/required each moment.

Food Phases On The Transformational Path

Shifting in relation to food is like any other transformational journey. That means there will be a 'chaos' phase where what has been known dissolves to make way for the new - like the chrysalis phase between caterpillar and butterfly. We often do our u-turns in the chaos phase - instead keep going and be OK with not knowing for a time. 

Learn Your Own Truths

Because this approach is not formula based, it's about finding your own truths and trusting what works for you. Remember this will take practice (and maybe some inner work) if you've not given yourself cause to trust yourself in the past.

NPA Gives You The Stepping Stones

One of the many gifts of The NPA Process is that it opens doors where you feel stuck and invites the next natural step to come to you effortlessly. Using NPA along the way is like having the stepping stones to help you along your journey.

Once you have downloaded The NPA Process, our NPA Basic Training online course will help you get what you need to use it in this stepping stone way.

I used one of our NPA Programme structures when I shifted my relationship to food and exercise and lost 63lbs. The NPA Programme structures are laid out in our NPA Advanced Training online course.


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