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Beating Yourself Up vs Acknowledging Your Crappy Behaviours | BABH S1Ep6

season 1 Nov 12, 2019

EPISODE 6: Beating Yourself Up vs Acknowledging Your Crappy Behaviours

Have you ever felt like you’ve just been a total sh*t?

You’ve done something or said something that you really knew wasn’t OK…

Not OK with you and, more than likely, not OK with someone important to you… It sucks.

And have you ever found yourself sinking into the pit of self-berating pity?

That sucks too right?

I’ve found there’s some interesting human or cultural habits of how we respond in these situations, some surprising reasons we reach for the self-bashing stick… some real gifts of self-acknowledging and how there’s a tendency in those cultural habits to rob people of the gifts just at the moment they are ready to receive them…

Sound intriguing?

Well that’s what we’ll be chatting about today


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