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Covid Christmas | Finding The Joy When Things Don't Go As Planned | BABH S1Ep64

season 1 Dec 15, 2020

EPISODE 64: Covid Christmas | Finding The Joy When Things Don't Go As Planned

With many places around the world still experience some sort of lockdown or restriction this Christmas, it's not going to be 'the usual' holiday season.

Sometimes life doesn't go as expected or even as we would wish... but even when that effects Christmas, it doesn't mean we have to be glum.

This episode offers you some mindsets to help you access your joy regardless of the restrictions or changes to the norm and ensure you end the year with a smile.

Click that play button and let's get in to it!


Finding The Joy

1. Ask yourself what you really want to be experiencing?

2. Check your attitude: does it align with and support what you really want?

3. What stories are you telling yourself? Does it support what you really want? If not then tell a better story (ie one that does)

4. Check your expectations. Different doesn't have to be bad: become an explorer of what's possible.

Using NPA

You can use The NPA Process to help align your energy.

Download The NPA Process Worksheet for free HERE

To apply the process here, rather than use Q1 or Q2 from the sheet, ask yourself the question:

"What would I like to experience this Christmas?"

Follow the instruction in the worksheet to do the process.


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