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PRESENTS & PRESENCE | A Real Gift This Christmas | BABH S1Ep9

season 1 Dec 03, 2019

EPISODE 9: PRESENTS & PRESENCE | A Real Gift This Christmas

What is more important to you - stuff or experiences?
In this episode we take a look at the magical power of PRESENCE.
We look at:

  • The 3 main blocks to presence at those festive gatherings
  • How you can be more present this year
  • And WHY that's a wonderful thing for you and those you're with.

Plus a powerful inquiry that can make all the difference and a bonus exercise for you to take away and try


Never underestimate the power of being truly present with someone or something - including yourself.

Some things about presence:

  • You can't fake presence...
  • You can't 'do' presence...
  • You can't half bake…
  • You can’t multitask presence...

Either you are present or you are not.

True Presence is…

  • Empty mind, single focus...
  • Right here, right now...
  • Agenda free awareness, available to the full spectrum of life experience.

Presence has a power to it...

  • A seductive magic that can untie the knottiest knot, bring life to the inanimate and melt the iciest heart...
  • It is deep intimacy with what is and...
  • When you look at anything with pure presence, it willingly unfurls its petals; revealing its intricacies, rhythms & mysteries

NOT Present

  • Not in you.
  • Not connected (to self).
  • Things don't run so smoothly and the quality of transmission decreases…

Presence has a power to it
It impacts those that witness it

Fear and projection (imagining what others are experiencing) tends to compromise presence - it impacts the energy you put out and the energy received

How does all this relate to you and the Christmas period?

Focusing on family gatherings... 

In an ideal world you would be fully present with the people you spend time with over Christmas.

Your presence is a gift, not only to them, but a gift to yourself.

Blocks To Presence

My top three culprits are:
Duty, resistance and distraction…


Doing it because you HAVE to rather than you want to to - leads to resentment and resistance…


Fear of habitual issues…

Eg. "OMG… I’m going to want to kill my sister 10mins after we walk through the door… why? because, well, you know what she’s like!"

Fear of feeling something that hasn't happened yet


  • Saps your presence, means YOU are not there - not even with YOU
  • Not functioning, expressing or receiving at your optimum
  • Not in the magic zone where something different and wonderful could happen…

Resistance fuels the temptation to distraction…


Phones: Social media, games (solo games) and all that stuff you can hide away in…

The distraction of things that don't matter:  Going through the motions - distracted by the routine, the polite, the withheld heart and haven't really fully, heartfully engaged with anyone.

Having your mind or your energy elsewhere or caught up in resistant thoughts or background text conversations is not presence.

These are states of non-presence: YOU are not there, you are trapped in a half-hearted, half-selfed experience.

What’s possible with presence?

Presence has a magic to it…

  • Presence is somehow able to break through the seemingly unbreakable loops
  • The power of your presence can open a doorway to the most unexpected and delightful places - in THEM and in YOU…

Presence (or non-presence) is contagious

  • One truly present person in a crowd is like a beacon, like a magnet
  • If you have an interaction with them, somehow you come away feeling enlivened and more present yourself

Imagine if YOU could bring the gift of that this Christmas - if you could light that fire under the old dynamic - well who knows WHAT might unfold!?

How do I conjure up presence when a large portion of me is already groaning at the prospect?

"The route to presence is finding that place in you where
Choosing to be there AND choosing you align."

Another way to say that, is:

Find your congruent ‘WHY’ - why are you CHOOSING to be there?

Which means finding a reason that genuinely feels true, aligned and good to YOU


Sometimes you can ask yourself that question and you’re so in the fog of what seems impossible that you end up scratching your head and going ‘whatevs’ - so here’s something that may help…

I’m going to offer you a way to use The NPA Process to support you in this

If you can just sit and find your answer - woohoo and yay you…
But if it ain’t coming easy…

  1. Download The NPA Sheet HERE
  2. Put “congruent why” in the spaces and say the whole process it out loud
  3. Let it go, and let that answer find you

NPA will help grease the wheels, drop the resistance and open the doors…

Do it now - go download that sheet!




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