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Secrets To Rocking Your 2020 Intentions (Part 1 of 4)

Episode 13 Transcript

You’re in the right place if you’re a growth-seeking being who acknowledges the challenges and delights of your humanity on the path to an ever more conscious life!

Your Host: Joel Young
The Creator & Custodian of Non-Personal Awareness and The NPA Process



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BABH S1Ep13: Secrets To Rocking Your 2020 Intentions

Part 1 of 4: Why your New Year Intentions Haven't Worked and The Key To Changing That This Year

Welcome to the BABH podcast with me, Joel Young. Hope you had good xmas. As it’s NYE and we are about to step into 2020, this and the next 3 episodes are a bit of a departure from my normal weekly offering.


I’m on a mission to raise the standards of goal setting as we we enter 2020, so today, next Tuesday, next Friday and the following Tuesday I’m offering you this free training series I’m calling Secrets To Rocking Your 2020 Intentions (So They Actually Have An Impact & Get You What You Want)

I’m going to make you a bold promise: that simply by listening to this series of 4 episodes, you’re going to be able to radically shift how you approach goal setting (or intention setting) to a whole new level - such that what you envision for yourself in 2020 is truly connected, truly aligned and therefore has way more chance of actually manifesting this year.

So whether you’re someone who’s tried manifesting, envisioning and setting new year intentions before - only to become somewhat disillusioned and wondering if this year is the year those dreams actually come true… OR if you’re someone who has found that taking time to set intentions has reaped results but are ready to step up your game and hit the next level - you’re in the right place to discover a formula for success…

Over the last 25 years since I’ve been sharing and teaching transformational, healing and spiritual tools to literally thousands of people all over the world - in hotels and healing centres across Europe and N America, Yoga studios in Scandinavia, to billionaires in the Bahamas, orphans in Soweto South Africa and seekers of enlightenment in the ashrams of India - and of course, online - and I’ve encountered all manner of manifesting techniques.

So what I’m gonna share with you in this series comes on the back of all that experience but definitely is NOT “the usual” manifesting dogma that you’ve likely heard before - so it’s not about how to vision board, do affirmations, cosmic ordering and all those things - what I’m going to be sharing has more to do with what underpins the effectiveness or otherwise of how you approach things like that.

OK, so today, in part 1 we’re going to talk about intentions, some of those manifestation techniques and why perhaps you’ve had less-than-brilliant results from them. Why its not really about the technique, and the number 1 thing you REALLY need to be aware of in order for those techniques to have a genuine impact of your life…

Sound good? Great.

So before we dive into it, I want to be super transparent with you and let you know that I really want this series to have an impact on you and your vision for this year, and also I am going to be making you an offer to join me in getting some powerful support in putting this all into action - but I want to just go ahead and share these powerful secrets with you and I’ll let you know when the offer is coming ahead of time, so you can decide if you’d like to listen to what’s available to you - does that sound fair enough?

Great, so let’s get into it…

OK, let’s talk about intentions…

First up, for the purpose of what I’m sharing in this series, the terms intentions, goals, vision, prayer, resolutions and plans even are all interchangeable… they all basically boil down to manifesting what you want right?

And my guess is, as you’re listening to this, that you already get that having some sort of vision or intention is a good thing - and of course, that tends to come more to the forefront of everybody’s awareness around new years…

But I wonder if you’ve ever thought about WHY they are a good idea?

So here’s how I see it…

Knowing your Intentions gives you clarity
Clarity brings focus
and Focus generates impact…

And isn’t true that when we set our intentions, it’s really the impact, the result, the effect or manifestation that we really want?

I remember so clearly being 8 years old…

Back when the days felt long, there’s no school and there’s space to explore.

It’s a hot and sunny day in late July.

I live next to the school and I’ve climbed over the fence and walked right into the middle of the playing field. This is 1976 and the unusually hot summer here in the UK has made the field a patchwork of green a gold.

I’m laying on the ground, the warm grass under my belly.

In my hand is the magnifying glass my Grandpa gave me the day before - It’s small, with a thick lens enclosed in black bakelite which swings out from a steel sheath like a flick-knife - it’s just the coolest thing…

I’d watched him do something with it and now I just have to try this for myself.

Holding the lens a little way above my chosen blade of golden grass, with the back of the lens facing towards the sun… I move the lens a little closer and a little further away from the blade of grass… I notice how the ring of light, shining through the lens, gets wider and smaller depending on where I hold the lens…

Before too long I find the sweet spot where the ring of light is focused like a bright ball, like a tiny Sun itself, and as I hold it there awhile, I marvel as that tiny ball of light begins to blacken the blade of grass, smoke begins to rise and then fire!

A little boy turns Sunlight to fire, with the power of focus right?

Focusing the energy, the heat of the sun onto the grass such that the molecules become excited enough to cause combustion…

A change of state, a transformation… it’s alchemy!

How does that relate to intentions?

So the principle is proved and it seems pretty straightforward right?

Set your intentions, have clear thoughts, focus on them, get what you want… right?

Well, the problem is the thoughts, in a sense are the magnifying glass - not the whole picture.

It works pretty good in certain conditions, but I discovered pretty quickly that, unless the sun was clear, no matter how well I lined up with it, the magnifying glass had no juice - it might gather a little light, but not enough to have the desired impact.

But isn't that what we do?

We write down a list of the stuff, the experiences or the outcomes that we think we want
We put pictures on a vision board
We write affirmations in our journals…

We line up the magnifying glass of our minds…

But what was it that really had the impact on that day in 1976?

Well, it was the Sun.. or more specifically the energy of the Sun.
Which, when focused, had the power to excite the molecules of it’s target enough to cause combustion, a change of state, a transformation..

So you can focus the magnifying glass of your mind all you want but unless you’ve lined it up with a source of energy that has the power to do the job, you’ll just not have the juice…

So when it comes to goals, intentions and all those manifestation approaches… here’s the fundamental piece that most people miss… here’s the big secret I want you to take away today…

And that’s:


If the energy behind your manifestation intentions is hazy, then it’s no wonder you don't get the impact you were looking for.

A way I see this show up a lot is focusing on things… the stuff…
I want a big house, more money, a Ferrari, a hot and conscious lover, health… whatever…

Those are the things…

They are not, necessarily, ENERGY FIRST…

It’s really not the thing; it’s the thing behind the thing.

The magnifying glass takes the Suns energy, and when focused on a thing, applies an intense about of the Suns energy onto that thing… and it’s the suns energy that has the impact… that flavours what happens.. in my case heat and combustion…

So let me ham this up a bit to help you really get this in terms of your 2020 manifestation focus…

If the energy BEHIND your manifestation goal setting is PANTS. You focus the lens of your mind, let’s say on ‘more money’ (the thing), then what’s actually happening?

Well you’re applying an intense amount of PANTS energy onto manifesting more money… That’s probably NOT going to have the desired effect!

And, in fact, if you imagine now that you could find a genuine source of EFFORTLESSNESS as the energy behind your manifestation goal setting. THEN you focus the lens of your mind, again let’s say on ‘more money’ (the thing), now what’s happening?

Well, now you’re applying an intense amount of EFFORTLESSNESS energy onto manifesting more money… That’s much MORE LIKELY to have the desired effect right!?

When you really get this, and start to be mindful of the energy first, whatever technique you use - be it journaling, affirmations, vision boarding, whatever is way more likely to have the juice it’s been missing - or at least much less ‘pot luck’.

And can you imagine how much more purposeful and meaningful that’s going to feel?
How great it’s going to be to not just be waving your magnifying glass at a cloudy sky - but finding your powerful ray of sunshine that adds genuine power to the process?
And how much more fun it will be when you discover your efforts actually have an impact?

Now, you might be thinking “Well, you’ve used a really clear example Joel, but I doubt it’s as obvious as that for me”… and I get it, so let’s look at that:

So I think it’s fair to say that it’s rarely as obvious as the example I used.

The truth is, the subtlety of the energy behind the thing is something we can’t always immediately see for ourselves, at least not without some considerable reflection or a helping hand.

But it IS possible and the key today is to really embrace the principle… sit with it and explore it… Simply embracing the principle puts you in touch with a perspective that is more likely to invite the answers that connect for you.

And there is more you need to know which I am going to cover in part 2, next Tuesday…

Remember that what I’ve shown you today is that, yes, key 1 is energy first, but also that impactful manifestation is about lining up several parts of a system.

To go back to the magnifying glass analogy:
There needs to be…
the right energy source,
a clear and functioning lens - held for enough time, at the right angle and the right distance,
plus, of course, a target that will be responsive to the focused energy!

And though that may make it sound complicated, I want you to remember that, as an 8 year old boy, laying on his stomach in the grass - I got all those things down in probably less than a minute.

It CAN be easy, if we get out of our own way and getting out of our own way is an important part of the system when it comes to intentions and manifestation…

So in part 2, again I’ll be looking at things in a ways that you likely haven’t thought about them before…

I’ll be going in-depth into how we end up spinning our wheels and feeling disconnected, which makes it incredibly difficult for us (to continue the metaphor of us as the lens) to achieve and maintain effective focus.

I’ll share how acknowledging our multi-faceted selves resolves the apparent conflicts and paradoxes - which is super important, not only in terms of focusing ourselves, but also revealing the true nature of what energy is YOUR energy first, your ray of sunshine.
And hopefully, by now you understand that THAT is critical to having the impact you really want from the energy you put into manifestation - especially as we enter 2020.

But right now, I’d love to hear from you…

What would having everything lined up and feeling real, meaningful ‘Juice’ in your manifestations for 2020 mean to you?

You can leave me a voice message, right on the beabrillianthuman.com website - just click the big purple button.

Or you can hit me up on social media - the best place is on Facebook - find my page by searching NPA Rocks!!! there (I’ll also link to a specific post in the show notes, which you’ll find at beabrillianthuman.com/13

On most other social media platforms you’ll find me as @JoelYoungNPA.

And of course, if you like this training and found it useful - why not give me a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe so you’re notified when the next part comes out. And I would love if you shared this with your friends…

And for now, have a happy new years celebration and I look forward to seeing you in Part 2, next Tuesday, Jan 7th.

Cue the moo…


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