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The Transformation Of Men (with Nathaniel Dunn) | BABH S2Ep126

season 2 Apr 12, 2022

EPISODE 126: The Transformation Of Men (with Nathaniel Dunn)

This week I’m excited to share with you a conversation with a very cool dude, Nathaniel Dunn who does amazing transformational work with writers, entrepreneurs, executives, coaches and special forces soldiers!

He also runs amazing mens retreats and I wanted to get him on to talk about men’s transformation which we both believe to be a super important and highly leveraged change point for healing a planet that faces a LOT of challenges!

Nathaniel and I discuss:

  • What Nathaniel has found to be the fundamental key to changing the unsustainable direction of human society
  • How Nathaniel’s experience working with the corporate side of the food industry caused a crisis of Soul for him and sparked a passion to make a difference
  • The impact of mens transformational work on themselves and society
  • Why men can feel super-challenged by the idea of transformation (even though they long for it)
  • How might women support their men in venturing into the transformational world
  • And much more..

This conversation goes deep, so click that play button and let’s dive in.

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Quick Links from this episode:


Time Stamps:

[0:00] On the Be A Brilliant Human Show today
[2:25] Who is Nathaniel Dunn?
[6:07] Why self-understanding is key to conscious, sustainable change in the world
[8:02 ]The solution to the worlds issues is not a technological one
[13:11] Are you anticapitalist?
[14:30] The truth about supermarkets and big food companies
[15:50] Where capitalism fits in a conscious, sustainable world
[19:51] The evolution of mens transformational work
[24:15] The impact of mens transformational work
[28:23] Transformational work with Royal Marines and Special Forces guys
[32:06] Mens inner conflict around doing transformational work
[35:15] Research into women’s perspective on mens transformational work
[38:51] How might women support their men in venturing into the transformational world
[49:27] You can’t force someone to change
[51:00] Normalising mens vulnerability
[54:22] The Isle of Man Retreat for men

Visit Nathaniel's Website: 

  • Find out about The Isle Of Man retreat HERE
  • Nathaniel's coaching website HERE
  • Connect with Charlotte HERE
  • Nathaniel on Facebook HERE
  • Nathaniel on LinkedIn HERE

About Nathaniel Dunn

Nathaniel says:

"I create transformational experiences for small groups, I run online and live events and I partner with entrepreneurs and executives for 1:1 work that is the catalyst for massive change in their world.

I believe in personal responsibility, taking action and making things happen.

I live my life by my values. I walk my talk and am being the change I want to see in the world. It’s not the easy path and it often feels like I’m swimming against the tide, but it is a life that I love and I would not have it any other way.

The actions of humanity are creating all kinds of problems and our way of living is destroying our world at an ever increasing rate.

We can't wait for governments and corporations to change the status quo. If you want see a different world then you need to get involved to help to create it.

It all sounds so heavy doesn’t it? And it is.

But I also believe in having fun, not taking life too seriously and enjoying the journey.

We get better results if we’re feeling playful, having fun and enjoying the process.

Somewhere in the crossover of all that is a sweet spot.

It is a life of purpose and meaning, doing work that helps create meaningful change, and at the same time having lots of fun, living a great lifestyle and making a great living.

You really can have your cake and eat it and it tastes good!

It’s what I am doing right now and it’s what I help other people with too.

It’s deep and powerful work. It’s challenging and uncomfortable at times. It’s inspiring and enlightening and it really does make a difference.

And it wasn’t an accident. I dreamt it. And my dream was so powerful for me that I couldn’t stop until I had made it real.

I took personal responsibility, I took a lot of action and I made it happen.

I made a lot of mistakes. I got a lot of help. I figured it out by trying it out.

Here's what I know:

You can make a living by making a difference.

You can live a life that is in line with your values.

AND you can have a great time doing it.

If you are already on this path, you’re already taking responsibility, showing up and taking action, then you don’t need help. But if you want to put a turbo boost on your progress then I may be able to help you.

If you're not there yet but you want to explore your version of this then I may be able to help you too.

I’m very selective with who I dedicate my time to, but if you’re values driven, open minded and coachable and have a big mission in front of you, we might just be a great fit."

To inquire about working with Nathaniel, send him an email here to open the conversation.


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