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Finding Empowerment In A World Gone Mad | BABH S1Ep77

season 1 Mar 23, 2021

EPISODE 77: Finding Empowerment In A World Gone Mad

I'm hearing from a lot of people how "the world has gone mad"!

These last 12 months it's been Covid stirring the polarised arguments; from masks, to vaccines, to the sense that our human rights are being taken away.

Before that it was Trump and, here in the UK, Brexit.

Whatever the external stimulus is, it breaks my heart to see so much internal stress and personal disempowerment come through the expression of those who long to see change.

It doesn't have to be that way and we CAN make a difference and truly find our power.

So, in this weeks episode I'm going to offer you my perspective on where your power truly lies and how you can have an impact on the changes you want to see in the world.

So, click that play button and let's get to it!

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Episode Bullet Points:

  • The thing isn't always the thing
    - The energy (or state of being) in which you do something has more influence on the impact than the thing you do.
    - Your state of being attracts thoughts, feelings and behaviours that mirror it

  • When your 'sponsoring energy' is disempowerment
    - Your underlying feeling is anger and powerlessness which brings stress into your day-to-day life; you feel and express yourself as a victim.
    - This effects your personal state of wellbeing and even your relationships
    - It confirms the disempowerment dynamic; adding to the energy of that and getting results that are opposite to what you want.

  • When your 'sponsoring energy' is empowerment
    - Your underlying feeling is empowerment, peace and clarity which brings flow and affirmative action into your day-to-day life; you feel and express yourself as an empowered and free individual, with personal agency.
    - This will positively impact your personal state of wellbeing and even your relationships
    - It confirms your empowerment and adds to the energy of the outcome you want.

  • Let go of the cognitive agenda (trust the steps and your part of the whole)
    - The steps that come as you lead with the energy of empowered being may not, at first, make sense in terms of your intended outcome; but will point to your best path in adding to the positive energy.
    - Better to take steps and build something on a foundation of solid empowerment than a 'tower of matchsticks' based on underlying disempowerment
    - What your contribution ultimately becomes can be a discovery

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