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How Do You React When You Don’t Feel Good Enough (with Gulara Vincent) | BABH S2Ep143

season 2 Sep 06, 2022

EPISODE 143: How Do You React When You Don’t Feel Good Enough (with Gulara Vincent)

Feeling not good enough seems to be a cultural epidemic in the 21st century.

The impact on our lives, our relationships and our general well-being can be devastating.

The thing is, the sense of “I’m not good enough” breeds all sorts of behavioural strategies and reactions that just add to the problem.

They wreak havoc and sabotage the things that truly matter to us.

No wonder we get confused, frustrated and depressed!

Well, this week international bestselling author Dr Gulara Vincent returns to the show to shine a light on the topic.

And because the first step is awareness, today she’s generously sharing The Reactivity Map for when you don’t feel good enough.

  • The map will lay out the four reactions we have to feeling not good enough
  • Just how deep the not good enough feeling can go
  • Your steps on the healing process
  • And what you can do when a reaction grabs you so you don’t have to follow that path anymore.

So settle in and let’s dive in to “How Do You React When You Don’t Feel Good Enough (with Gulara Vincent)”!

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The Reactivity Map

When you don't feel good enough you may react in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Denial/Avoidance
  2. Blame Self
  3. Blame Others
  4. Shut Down

Gulara find that her clients often cycle around these reactions until the core healing work is done.

Time Stamps:

[0:00] On the Be A Brilliant Human Show today
[2:30] Welcome Gulara Vincent
[4:08] Hammer, Sickle & Broom - Number One Baby!
[5:42] The best course I’ve ever done
[9:22] Movement of Being - from awareness to healing
[14:08] The two parts of loving yourself
[16:16] An orphanage behind us
[17:12] Not good enough: Biggest symptoms
[19:23] The Reactivity Map (The 4 Reactions)
[22:02] The core wounding
[26:28] Healing the deep wounds
[31:57] Pieces of the puzzle
[37:41] Homecoming
[42:18] Getting help
[45:08] Stop and feel
[48:09] Outro

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Experiences with Gulara:

  • Find out about The Self Acceptance Bootcamp: More Than Enough event with Gulara: HERE 
  • Find out about The Rapid Relationship Breakthrough Programme with Gulara: HERE 
  • Find out about The Homecoming Retreat with Gulara at: HERE 

About Gulara Vincent, PhD, Relationship and Trauma Healing Coach

Gulara helps women to finally truly heal from what's really causing their relationship to split apart.

She holds a deep safe space for you to release pain and trauma that affects your intimate relationships, so that you can finally feel good enough about yourself.

Using a unique blend of cutting-edge energy healing methods, she supports you in transforming all aspects of your life.

Gulara is a bestselling author of ‘Hammer, Sickle & Broom’. She lives in rural Dartmoor National Park in England with her two children and the love of her life.



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