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Secrets To Rocking Your 2020 Intentions | Part 3 of 4 | BABH S1Ep15

season 1 Jan 10, 2020

EPISODE 15: Secrets To Rocking Your 2020 Intentions (Part 3 of 4 )

Part 3: A Matter of Time | Your Relationship with 2020

Normally this podcast goes out every Tuesday, but as part of my mission to raise the standards of goal setting as we we enter 2020 - I wanted to get this 4 part training out to you before we get too far into January - so this Friday episode is a bonus - yay!

What I’m going to share with you today in part 3 could well be a huge revelation for you - I certainly felt that way when this piece dropped into place for me.

It's all about TIME. And while this part of the bigger picture does often feature in approaches to manifesting and goal setting, it’s true nature and how to work with it effectively is rarely taught - in fact, I’d go so far as to say I haven’t actually come across it anywhere else - and, actually some of the ways I have seen it approached are down-right counter productive - at least that’s been my experience!

So today I'll be sharing:

  • How time fits into the overall 3 part manifesting system,
  • How you can meet it in the energy of wholeness
  • And why that is SOOO important

So hit that play button and let's get into it!

This is part 3, so if you haven’t yet listened to parts 1 & 2, I highly recommend you stop right now and go listen to them first:




The underlying theme of approaching intentions and manifesting in this series is WHOLENESS.

Without it:

  • Your full power is not available to you
  • Your full focus is not available to you
  • Can actively undermine your power and focus
  • Giving underwhelming results from your efforts.

That’s WHY I have been, and will continue today, to show you ways to acknowledge, include and bring together ALL of you, and all aspects of the manifestation system - so that whatever tools you use - be it vision boarding, visualisation, affirmations or whatever - you can fully access your innate manifesting power and make full use of the Universal Energy that creates worlds without breaking a sweat!

In the first two parts of this training, I taught you about the importance of understanding that, when it comes to intentions and manifesting, there’s an energetic, interconnected system where all parts matter.

When all those parts are lined up:

Your intentions become reality

  • You see ACTUAL results

  • Those dreams you’ve been dreaming start coming true - without you needing to force it or expend much of your own energy at all!


‘A target that will be responsive to the focused energy’

Time is the energetic substrate

  • The target is a block of time (2020), not the 'stuff'
  • Everything is energy -> A defined period of time is energy -> 2020 is a block of energy
  • So: we can interact with it energetically in wholeness - as a single thing
  • The time block is the SUBSTRATE in which the intentions turn to manifest reality (I didn't focus my magnifying glass onto 'fire' because I wanted fire.. I focused it on some dry grass - the right substrate - and got fire)

Energetic Relational Dynamics

  • Study of the energetic nature of the universe shows us that it’s the relationship between energies that effect them at the most fundamental level.
  • So your relationship to 2020 is actually what most effects your experience of it as a whole
  • 2020 is not inert to you
  • The responsiveness of the 2020 energy to your intentions Is going to be a function of your relationship to it

Things you might wanna get sorted relationally with 2020, so it’s super receptive to your intentions:

Like most relationships, you’re going to want to:

  1. Identify and resolve any conflict and
  2. Have a clear sense of what you want to do together.


I'll share my offer of how you can access more support that will give you a clear, mapped out actionable steps to apply this in your life - so you could easily ensure you have the right energy source, are focused in wholeness and in harmony with the energy of 2020.

Plus, the icing on the cake, how you can apply that map to any time frame.

Imaging who you’ll be, and what you’ll experience when you put this map into action in your life, when you feel deeply aligned and in tune in yourself and with the universe… when you start to see your intentions appear like alchemy in the landscape of your life…

Well, if you’re interested in taking this even further and taking the next step, in letting me help you get and experience this actionable map, I’ve put together a special offer which I will tell you all about in Part 4 on Tuesday…

Now I want to hear from you:


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And I’ll see you in the next episode this Tuesday, 14th Jan!



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