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7 Power-Perspectives For Being A Brilliant Human | BABH S1Ep17

season 1 Jan 21, 2020

EPISODE 17: 7 Power-Perspectives For Being A Brilliant Human

These 7 Power-Perspectives For Being A Brilliant Human are very much guides in my life's journey.

I find that having them alive in me, brings me a sense of fluidity, depth and joy - so naturally I wanted to share them with you!

They are the cornerstones of the philosophies of Non-Personal Awareness and each will enhance your brilliance, as a human being alive on the planet today.

If you take just one and run with it for while it’s going to have a powerful and positive impact on how you experience and interact with life.

So, click play and let's get into it!


Doing the RADWALK - the 7 power-perspectives are:

R is for Relational

Think Relationally: Don't try to get rid of the stuff, shift your relationship to it

A is for Agendaless

Be Agendaless: Be an explorer - let yourself wonder

D is for Discernment

Be Discerning: Learn to recognise the energy behind the form and respond to that

W is for Wholeness

Be mindful of Wholeness: Honour the different parts - of you, of the world - and the dance they play as part of something bigger

A is for Animation

Notice the Animation: Practice the art of noticing where and what the spirit is moving - align with that and you align with the divine

L is for Lightness

Lightness: Lighten up! Hold things lightly - be playful

K is for Kindness

Kindness: Be kind to you - ask ‘is it kind?’ and include yourself in the equation of kindness


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