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The Unconditional Pivot Exercise | How To Feel Good In Crappy Situations | BABH-S1Ep27

season 1 Mar 31, 2020

EPISODE 27: The Unconditional Pivot Exercise | How To Feel Good In Crappy Situations

(Mini Training & Free Worksheet)

 Click the button to access The Unconditional Pivot Worksheet

Do you put your happiness on hold and wait for the conditions to change?

Last week I promised you I’d be going deeper into the realm of the conditionality trap and sharing a really powerful exercise that will help you free yourself from that.

So today’s the day I deliver on that promise!

I’m sharing my Unconditional Pivot Exercise, which is based on an exercise from Abraham Hicks - but I’ve supe’d it up - for, what I believe to be, good reason, which I’ll explain as we get into it.

And, I’ll be sharing specific instructions on how you can, optionally, use NPA to really take it to the next level!

You can think of this episode as a free class or mini training and with that in mind, I’ve put together a worksheet, which you can download for free via the big purple button above.

It will take you to a form where you can enter your name and email so I know where to send the sheet - simple as that.

In this episode I teach you my Unconditional Pivot Exercise: Stop making your wellbeing and good-feeling dependant on things you can’t control and discover how to fully access your good-feelings NOW! 

Download the sheet, click that play button and let's dive in!


Credit where it’s due…

This is my expanded version of a classic Abraham Hicks ‘pivoting’ exercise. In case you’ve never heard of Abraham Hicks, you can go to their website here.

Steps 1 and 2 are the original and in steps 3-8 I use one of my ‘step-by-gentle-step’ processes to allow you to authentically and fully connect with your better feeling place.

In my years of practice with clients I have found this additional piece to be a huge factor in truly making it connect and making a difference.

When To Use This Exercise

Any time you catch yourself blaming someone else or some outside situation for you feeling crap. Perhaps a softer way to say that is you’re making your happiness conditional on the circumstances changing.

  • If you want someone to behave differently that they are
  • If you want a situation to be different than it is


If you think about it, what you really want is a change of state - to feel better in some way. But the answer isn't really in the conditions - in fact that’s the trap - the answer is right here in you, and fully available now!

And this exercise will get you there!


All the steps are on the free worksheet.

Also on the worksheet:

  • A full worked example based on the Corona Virus situation - complete with notes and commentary
  • A second example based on a tricky relationship situation - with extra notes
  • How to enhance the exercise with The NPA Process

 Click the button to access The Unconditional Pivot Worksheet


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