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Who Can You Trust? | How To Experience More Trust In Uncertain Times | BABH-S1Ep28

season 1 Apr 07, 2020

EPISODE 28: Who Can You Trust? | How To Experience More Trust In Uncertain Times

Last week I put out a question on social media asking people:

 “What’s the biggest issue that’s coming up for you during lockdown and all that’s going on with Covid-19 virus?”

There were a few distinct themes that came to light, one of those being summed up nicely by Vanessa who commented:

“Wishing I had trust in the media and our government and certainly not sure what information to trust and from whom”

So, in this episode we’re going to take a deeper look at trust. We’ll unpack the whole concept of trust and cast a discerning eye on why it’s important, what builds it, what earns it and I’ll offer a suggestion of where you might find a consistent supply of it amidst all that’s going on.

I’ll also be offering you 3 very practical ways that you can access the feeling and vibration of trust without compromising your natural intelligence or integrity, so you can experience more trust in these uncertain times.

You’ll discover why trust is so vital for a flourishing life - and you don't necessarily need to resonate with having issues of trust with the media or the government to be enriched by this episode, because trust (and issues around it) is something that is embedded through life - both in good times and crazy times…

So, hit that play button and let’s get into it…


  1. Trust is vital for growth and change
  2. Trust is subjective and contextual
  3. Personalities are inconsistent and contradictory by nature
    Which means that
    • You’re doing yourself a favour by dropping any expectations that it should be otherwise
    • Because that increases your ability to go looking in the right places when you want to experience more trust. And experiencing more trust really means feeling more trust. And increasing the feeling of trust in your life is a matter of focusing more on the trust - or finding the contexts where that trust already exists in your life experience. And…
    • That’s the case because trust is an energy and available non-personally. In other words - there’s a consistent supply of trust available through your attention to it.

More Trust with NPA

Use this variant of Q2:

"In relation to trust what am I not experiencing that I would like to allow you to come?”


More Trust with The Unconditional Pivot Exercise

Option 1: Use the word TRUST and do steps 4-8

Option 2: Do the entire exercise, prefacing step one with "In relation to trust..."

Option 3: Contemplate which self-focused words and feelings work for you around feeling more trust - and then take each of those through steps 4-8.


More Trust with Self-Inquiry

These questions are designed to help you focus on, access and build a sense of your own trustworthiness -which will, in turn, get you in touch with the energy of trust - and again bring you back to the point of power, which is you.

The secret to self-inquiry is, it’s not about using your mind to go seek out the answers - the power of inquiry is in asking the question, being inwardly still and letting the answer find you.

I find it works best if you let your answers flow onto paper - or typed into a document on your laptop.

Take a deep breath in…. let it go… becoming relaxed, alert and still…
Read each question, be still… let the answers find you… and write them down…

  1. Where in your life do you demonstrate your competency - what skills, experience, knowledge and resources do you know you have access to?
  2. Where in your life do you demonstrate your reliability - where are you consistent with your behaviours, where are you responsive to others?
  3. Where in your life do you demonstrate empathy - for others and for yourself?
  4. Where in your life do you demonstrate integrity - where do your words align with your actions?
  5. What do you trust in yourself?
  6. What do you trust about life?


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The Rachel Botsman Video


Full instructions for The Unconditional Pivot exercise in Episode 27 👇🏻



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