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Taking Off The Mask & Embracing Your Flaws | BABH S1Ep32

season 1 May 05, 2020

EPISODE 32: Taking Off The Mask & Embracing Your Flaws

This episode is a bit of a confessional as I share how I realised I had been wearing a mask, and how dropping it is setting me free.

It's an encouragement to you to examine where you wear a mask to cover up a self-perceived flaw. And how that very flaw may, in fact, be the keys to unlocking your genius.

I cover:

  • How masks can kill your inspiration
  • How to get to the real fears
  • The power of admitting and embracing your flaws
  • Great ways to get yourself ready to drop the mask(s)
  • The gift of mask-free connection and flow


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All the steps are on the free worksheet.

Also on the worksheet:

  • A full worked example based on the Corona Virus situation - complete with notes and commentary
  • A second example based on a tricky relationship situation - with extra notes
  • How to enhance the exercise with The NPA Process

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James Lavers

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