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Why Mastery Matters and How To Achieve It | BABH-S1Ep34

season 1 May 19, 2020

EPISODE 34: Why Mastery Matters and How To Achieve It

In this episode I take a look at the value and importance of mastery, how it relates to fulfilment and offer my guide to the path of mastery. We also look at the importance of understanding mastery when it comes to choosing who you get help from.

You’ll discover:

  • What is your primal curiosity and how it relates to mastery
  • PPCT+M (The equation of mastery)
  • The important distinction between hobbyist & professional
  • What is the one area you MUST focus on to attain mastery
  • The link between mastery and fulfilment


Why Mastery Matters

The Two Sides of Mastery (in this episode)

  • What you choose to master
  • Who to choose to help you

Mastery & Fulfilment
Mastery gives you

  • Emotional Fulfilment
  • Fulfilment of purpose
  • Financial Fulfilment
  • Fulfilment through the expression and understanding of subtleties & nuances

Mastery touches your Soul and aligns you with the Divine.

How To Achieve Mastery

Achieving mastery requires passion, practice, commitment & training (coaching/mentorship) over time.

Robert Greene in his book Mastery suggests you

1. Explore your primal curiosity

Prior to social conditioning and the shaping of your curiosities to fit the school’s curriculum, there will be things that you were naturally curious about. Exploring these will give you clues to you innate passions and curiosities and reveal areas where mastery will be easier to attain.

This also relates to ‘Finding your why’. See Episode 31: How Do I Stay Motivated In Lockdown (3 Ways To Find Your Congruent Why) for more on this.

2. Put learning above all else

Sometimes we need to sacrifice remuneration/status early on, in favour of learning. Apprenticeship schemes are a good example of this. Also investing in coaches, mentors and training is part of this mindset.

Mastery is about the basics

Mastery is more about the basics (and principles) than the fancy techniques. Whatever realm you are in, there will be basics. It’s easy get caught up in the fancy stuff, but a master will always focus on the basics and build from there.

You can’t HALF do it

You need to be all-in. You need to commit to attain mastery. Hence the distinction between hobbyist (practices occasionally) and professional (practices day-in, day-out)


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How Do I Stay Motivated In Lockdown (3 Ways To Find Your Congruent Why) 
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