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The Pitfalls Of Confirmation Bias (And How You Can Turn It To Your Advantage) with James Lavers | BABH-S1Ep47

season 1 Aug 18, 2020

EPISODE 47: The Pitfalls Of Confirmation Bias (And How You Can Turn It To Your Advantage)

with Special Guest James Lavers

Did you know there are 188 biases?

Well, in today’s episode it’s my delight and privilege to have one of my mentors, James Lavers on the show to talk about Confirmation Bias (and 3 other biases).

You’ll find out what they are and how, when they operate unhealthily in you, they keep you stuck, effect your relationship, your business and more…

Plus in our conversation we’re gonna lay out exactly how you can approach biases, in a way that means they start working for you not against you… so you can get on an upward spiral, out of your current ceiling of limitation and into the stratosphere of your version of success.

It’s a super powered, super packed episode, and a lot of fun with James.

Click that play button and let's get into it!

Our Man James Lavers

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Highlights and points covered in this episode:

  • Play and gamification as a formula for success
  • The importance of humour in the transformation industry (The Jester Archetype)
  • The 4 Biases
  • How biases keep us in a place of stasis and inhibit transformation
  • How confirmation bias can maintain scars post-trauma
  • The positive intent of confirmation bias
  • Why you can't get rid of biases and what you can do about them
  • 6 seconds of bravery (in the face of risk)
  • The shocking results from top make-up company research about how women talk to themselves
  • Standing guard at the doors of your mind
  • Using confirmation bias positively
  • The deep entanglements that come from sexual abuse and how they get confirmed
  • Abandonment issues and confirmation bias
  • The importance of getting help with unhealthy biases
  • Inception and the power of one idea
  • Worthiness challenges and confirmation bias
  • A great question to ask yourself to combat unhealthy biases 
  • Rooting out unhealthy biases with raw honesty
  • Biases can't argue with evidence (Asking, "What's that based on?")
  • Red herrings in business/personal growth


In this episode we take a look at a major symptom and cause of self-doubt and how you can turn that around to self-confidence.

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