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What I Learned From Taking LSD (These Insights Could Set You Free) | BABH S1Ep48

season 1 Aug 25, 2020

EPISODE 48: What I Learned From Taking LSD (These Insights Could Set You Free)

As you look back over your life, hindsight gives you a clear view of how your experiences are like interwoven threads that make you who you are today. 

Back in the rock'n'roll period of my life, drugs were part of the deal. It was a wild time but my encounters with hallucinogenics (and in particular LSD aka Acid) opened my mind and spurred me on to a life exploring consciousness and the inner space.

So today on the podcast I'm going to talk to you about those experiences but, more importantly, share the life-changing lessons I learned; lessons that, to this day, inform many of the key philosophies and ideas that I share and use in my transformational work with others. 

That means that just by listening to this podcast, you get to have these perspectives come alive in you - without having to take the drugs!  How cool is that!?


A Brief History of LSD:

  • 1943 Albert Hofmann accidentally discovers the psycho-active properties of LSD. He begins self-experimenting to investigate possible applications within psychiatry
  • 1950's LSD widely used across Europe as a therapeutic intervention
  • 1960's Timothy Leary, a Harvard Psychologist, actively promotes LSD as a catalyst to love, peace and the breaking down of restrictive social norms.
  • 1980's Terence McKenna popularises the link between psychedelics and exploring 'inner space' as an act of raising consciousness
  • 2017 The Independent newspaper publishes an article entitled "First evidence found that LSD produces 'higher' level of consciousness, scientists claim"


LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is a synthesised drug but it's roots are plant based (Mushrooms). Similarly, Aspirin is a drug derived from Spiraea shrubs (which include the Jasmine plant) and it's active ingredient (Salicylic acid) is found in Willow bark - used by ancient Egyptians to ease pain.

The Question Is Born:

  • I thought my eye-to-brain translation of reality was reliable: "Things look solid, so they are solid" - turns out - not so much!
  • On LSD I witness walls melting and portals opening as 'real' as normal life
  • If walls can melt, then what if all that has appeared so solid (fixed and absolute) isn't necessarily so?

This has stayed with me as 'the question' - questioning assumptions, questioning dogma, opening to a more fluid reality (the quantum model).

NPA and it's philosophies are based in 'no agenda' - the living questioning of assumptions, dogma and judgements. This allows a truly fluid and non-resistant client experience. 


In this episode it’s my delight and privilege to have one of my mentors, James Lavers on the show to talk about Confirmation Bias (and 3 other biases).

You’ll find out what they are and how, when they operate unhealthily in you, they keep you stuck, effect your relationship, your business and more…

Plus in our conversation we’re gonna lay out exactly how you can approach biases, in a way that means they start working for you not against you… so you can get on an upward spiral, out of your current ceiling of limitation and into the stratosphere of your version of success.

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