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5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 3: Fear of Short Term Discomfort | BABH S1Ep52

season 1 Sep 22, 2020

EPISODE 52: 5 Blocks To Life-Transformation (And How To Avoid Them) | Part 3: Fear of Short Term Discomfort

If you've ever procrastinated anything, you probably know that the more you leave it, it worse it gets - for you and the situation.

But you've probably done this in your personal development or transformational journey. If so, that's because there are ways of thinking and ideas in your mind that are a real hindrance to actually going ahead with making the changes you long for.

So in this episode we're going to look at the false thinking and I'll offer you a perspective which, when you really get it, means you won't have to suffer any longer than you need to.

This is part 3 of a 5 part series looking at how we get in our own way when it comes the the journey of life transformation; how we prevent ourselves from making that shift we long for and slow (or even stall) our progress.

In Part 3 we take a look at the false economy of fearing the short term pain, discomfort or disruption that may happen as a result of making a shift.

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Fear of pain is a natural human bias. But the story we tell ourselves is usually worse than the reality.

Change requires disruption which can be uncomfortable and disconcerting. But the mind will tell you that that pain will be eternal when actually it is likely to be very short lived. And the benefits, once it's past, way out-weigh the short term discomfort.

Chronic vs Acute

When we procrastinate transformation, we are fearing the acute experience of facing the pain. But what that really does is create a chronic condition of suffering from the symptoms of lack of change.

The Antidote to Fear of Short Term Discomfort

Realise that short term acute pain is better than chronic suffering

Reaching the realisation:

A Classic Approach


  1. Look at the cost of ongoing suffering
  2. Look at the benefits of changing
  3. Do the cost/benefit analysis - the balance sheet will likely make it clear that the benefits outweigh the costs.
  4. Take action

This is a great approach but can take a lot of effort and, because it is in itself a confrontational approach, the thought of doing it may insight the very same procrastination; invoking the same personality resistances.

A better way?


The NPA Process and especially the trainings counter those personality fears because it is:

  • Innocuous
  • Un-threatening
  • And catches the fear unawares.

That means NPA is like a 'Personality bypass' - not like a lobotomy 😜 - but because it accesses something beyond the mind/personality to do the work. The personality 'catches up' later - and even takes credit for the positive shifts!

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