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How To Access Divine Guidance | BABH S1Ep62

season 1 Dec 01, 2020

EPISODE 62: How To Access Divine Guidance

What if talking to a higher power wasn't just reserved for psychics, religious leaders, saints, prophets or even schizophrenics! But instead was readily available to everyone - including you!

Well in this episode I'm not just going to tell you why is is available to everyone, but I'm also going to share how you can have a conversation with The Divine.

So click that play button and let's get in to it!


Why converse with a higher power?

  • To get a higher perspective
  • To gain wisdom
  • To get beyond the limitations of your thinking (self) mind

When to converse with a higher power?

  • When you have a dilemma
  • When you have a question
  • When you are stuck
  • When you feel alone

How is it possible for everyone?

Everything exists everywhere as energy. Energy is like waves (like a radio broadcast) and we just need to tune into it. 

Why is it unique for everyone?

Everyone has a unique relationship to each 'energy' or personified experience of any higher energy. 

What is a 'higher power'?

Any energy that is perceived to have a wider or wiser perspective. What you choose to label it is up to you. 

For example it could be:

  • Guides/Angels
  • Higher Self/Soul
  • God/The Universe
  • Jesus/Buddha etc
  • Living Mentors (eg Richard Branson)
  • A future self/'goal achieved' self
  • Those who have passed

Practical Tips (How To)

  • Be conversational
  • Journal with pen and paper
  • Journal on a laptop
  • Use visualisation/meditation
  • Use oracle cards as prompts
  • Remember: "S/he who asks a more beautiful question gets a more beautiful answer"
  • It can be good to have a ritual prior to the conversation eg. a prayer
  • Use NPA to invoke the energy
  • Honour YOU; Your way, your way of being
  • Discernment comes with PRACTICE over time



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