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NPA Stories | How NPA IS Being Used In The World | BABH S1Ep68

season 1 Jan 12, 2021

EPISODE 68: NPA Stories | How NPA IS Being Used In The World

This week is a bit of a 'hand-over' show as I was asked by somebody if I had somewhere where they can find out what people are doing with The NPA Process...

Well it turns out I did a recording several years ago sharing exactly that - so it seemed like sharing it with you was a great way to answer that question.

From Bee stings to weight loss to confidence building... you'll be inspired to try NPA in all sorts of ways to make a difference in YOUR life when you listen to this episode.

Click that play button and let's get in to it!


Topics Covered:

  • Sam's knee pain
  • Kristina and the wasp
  • Joel effortlessly drops 63lbs
  • Elina drops the weight of relationship pain
  • Lucie find her courage
  • Kasia ends her battle with weight
  • Mary gains 'real' lived experience
  • Lydia values organisation
  • Charlotte felt permission to open
  • NPA became part of Anya's everyday life

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