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Embracing Polarity | How Your Pet Peeves Can Become Your Superpowers | BABH S1Ep60

season 1 Nov 17, 2020

EPISODE 60: Embracing Polarity | How Your Pet Peeves Can Become Your Superpowers

Do you have a behaviour, a trait or a recurring physical symptom that you want to get rid of... but no matter what you do it just won't go away?

Then, chances are, you're stuck in a polarity loop.

And that, my friend, is NEVER going to help you break the cycle.

But today I'm going to blow your mind with a new way to look at those 'things you want to get rid of' that will give you the real freedom you're looking for.

Today we're turning your pet peeves into your superpowers.

I think you're gonna love it, so click that play button and let's get in to it!


Fundamental Premise:

Polarisation causes division, conflict, attachment and stuck-ness.

One polarity believes it's ideal is THE way and believes in the necessity to eradicate (or convert) the other in order to have some mythical outcome.

The fact remains that we exist in wholeness because we are a collection of polarities. It's the differences that make us functional as a whole.


A heart cell that believes that 'the' way to be is to beat. A skin cell believes in chillin' and soaking up the rays.

If the heart cells mounted a 'war' to convince (or subjugate) the skin cells in order to ensure that 'all cells beat' then the skin cells would quickly get sick... as would the body... and then of course the heart.

The body thrives by a skin cell being a skin cell and a heart cell being a heart cell.

Working Constructively with Polarity

The fact that polarity causes tensions and pulls is not intrinsically a bad thing. The key to using it constructively to see the polarity pulls as a SIGNAL rather than a PROBLEM.

Turning Your Pet Peeves To Superpowers

A pet peeve that you'd like to get rid of is one side of a polarity. Here's how to find the signal from the problem and gain access to your superpower.

  1. Identify the polarity (eg. Procrastination/Productivity)
  2. Identify the contexts where each polarity is +ve/-ve 
  3. Identify how the polarities can work as a signal
  4. Identify your centring responses

With practice you will be able to discern with clarity how the polarity signals can guide you in different situations.

Make sure you listen to the episode for full details of each of the steps.

Physical Symptoms As Signals

If you have recurring physical symptoms that you have been trying to 'get rid of' with no success, then consider that these may be polarity signals; your body being the feedback mechanism, guiding you to stay centred in some manner.

Let Me Help You

Getting clear on your polarity signals can have a huge impact on your sense of life-mastery and ability to navigate through life with lightness and ease. If you would like my personal help to really knock this out of the park then get in touch and let's have a chat about some 1:1 sessions with me


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