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Living A Life On Purpose | Guest Podcast - “The Coffee Break Show” with Vickie Helm | BABH S1Ep70

season 1 Jan 26, 2021

EPISODE 70: Living A Life On Purpose | Guest Podcast - “The Coffee Break Show” with Vickie Helm

I’m really delighted to share this episode with you. It’s a guest podcast episode with my great and long-time friend Vickie Helm who I worked with many years ago. She has a great Live show called The Coffee Break Show which goes out on Facebook and other platforms.

She interviewed me back in October last year and we covered a LOT of ground (as old friends do) and we talked a lot about Living Life on Purpose.

I’m really excited to share this one with you, so click that link and let’s get into it!


What we covered:

  • How to reduce the suffering you experience
  • How to find yourself when you feel lost
  • How to be on purpose (and what that means)
  • The brain science of why you’re always the last to know
  • Living life without resistance
  • Living life in the moment
  • Knowing when to stop digging for issues
  • How to stop chasing miracles and start practicing incremental change

“The Coffee Break Show” with Vickie Helm

You can see more shows from Vickie in her group on Facebook at:


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