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Let Go Of These Two Things And Speed Up Your Healing Journey | BABH S1Ep73

season 1 Feb 23, 2021

EPISODE 73: Let Go Of These Two Things And Speed Up Your Healing Journey

Do you ever feel like your healing journey is a slog? Like you're doing sooo much work on yourself and yet you seem to be getting nowhere fast?

Perhaps you regularly feel disappointed by the things you try because nothing seems to break those patterns or shift that behaviour?

Well, in this episode we're going to look at the two main causes for this experience, plus why and how you can let them go so you can speed up your healing journey and feel a sense of progress and purpose again.

So click that play button and let’s get into it!


Problem 1: Expectations

Expectations of yourself, your pace, the modality, your body etc.

  • Expectations about results
    - Results from a process
    - Results about how the outcome should look
    Pre-defined results expectations close you down from being open to where the progress is and can falsely focus you on failure (in its negative sense)

  • Expectations about the path
    - Dogmatic ideas about what you need to face/do in order to change (eg. heal childhood issues)
    - Dogmatic ideas based on ideology (from methods etc)
    Expectations about the path can have you chasing red-herrings rather than being available to what truly matters and has leverage for you

Problem 2: Comparison

Expectations are often born from comparison; comparison to others on their healing journey and those that come from cultural undercurrents. 

  • Comparison to others
    - They are changing faster than me
    - They had a stronger emotional response than I did
    - They had a miracle, why didn't I?

  • Cultures of Comparisons
    - The big and fast culture
    - The culture of instant change
    - The culture of failure disallowed

Mindsets For Wholesome Progress

  • Drop comparisons
  • Celebrate the small wins (the big ones will come along)
  • Think of core patterns as signals (rather than grading success as getting 'rid' of them)
  • Embrace a state of wonder and discovery (a laboratory mindset where 'failure' is embraced as part of the progressive journey)
  • Remember there will always be peaks, troughs and plateaus

Action Invitation

Find one seemingly small (or tiny) thing that truly matters to you and commit to it for a week (it probably won't be what you expect)

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