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Manifestation Failure And How To Fix It | BABH S1Ep80

season 1 Apr 13, 2021

EPISODE 80: Manifestation Failure And How To Fix It

Do you have a wealth of what you say you want?

Or do you feel like what you want never seems to come - a least not sustainably or the quantities you’d like?

Have you got manifestation lists with a bazillion un-ticked-off items, or dream boards with pictures that… well, still feel like a faraway dream?

If you say you want more money, is making it easy peasy or does it feel like a herculean effort (that maybe falls flat despite the hard work?)

Well today I’m going to give you my take on:

  • What may be out of whack in your abundance mindset that means you keep experiencing manifestation failure,
  • Why the ‘wealthy you’ might feel like a mythical creature that doesn’t really exists and
  • How a simple mindset shift can change everything so your manifestation efforts can finally pack a punch and bring you the manifestation success you want

Click that play button and let's get to it!

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A Sober Inquiry: 

If you want to know what truly matters, look around your life and notice what there's already an abundance of...

This is not about positive and negative - discovering what truly matters requires a neutrality of mind, an ability to simply notice. This sober inquiry will help you land where you are and clear the hallucinogenic fog of positive or negative biased thinking. It has the potential to drop you into truly aligned clarity with an awareness of the intrinsic abundance of your existence.

Turn Manifestation Failure To Manifestation Success with These 3 Steps:

STEP 1: Get real about what truly matters, discover the huge wealth of it that you already have and appreciate your natural abundance.

STEP 2: Come to peace with your relationship to monetary wealth ‘as it truly is’ right now and understand where it sits in the landscape of who you experience yourself to be.

STEP 3: Allow these relationships to evolve in a way that keeps you:

  • As connected as possible to your point of materialisation

  • As connected as possible to your sense of abundance (and any newly clarified intentions) and 

  • Moving forward in a sustainable way (think in terms of baby steps; I recommend Ep2, The 5 Point Blueprint For Growth).

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