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How To Stop Feeling Invalidated | BABH S1Ep82

season 1 Apr 27, 2021

EPISODE 82: How To Stop Feeling Invalidated

You know that feeling where something is just gnawing at your guts?

That feeling that won’t take spiritual niceties for an answer?

The kind of feeling that won’t settle for pseudo peace, or half-arsed happiness?

Well that discomfort, my friend, is an inner gift you’ve been nurturing, and it’s grown too big for your belly.

In this episode I want to share how NPA helped me listen to that gnawing, let go of a lifetime of invalidation and find a genuine connection to an endless inner light.

I also want to offer you TWO powerful exercises to help you stop feeling invalidated and connect more with your core.

Click that play button and let's get to it!

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"All spiritual, self-help and therapeutic concepts have a context where they are relevant, and times when they are not"

"A common and misleading simplification, is the idea that each word has a distinct meaning that we all share. While superficially this may be true… underneath the surface, we all have unique responses to each word we hear"

"It’s time to get real and acknowledge your own experience"

Word Magic: 

The power of words comes when they are truly connected. Often these days we use words that are disconnected from our direct experience.

  • Language was born as an expression of the energy.
  • Generalised agreed labels, which point to an experience or thing and enables us to conveniently relate and communicate.
  • Then we started believing that the words were the thing.
  • So now, most of the time, we impose language on our experience.
  • And connection gets lost in translation.

Exercise 1: Healing Invalidation/Denial
(and resolving any related victim energies).

Ask yourself:

  • Are you muting how you really feel?
  • Are you denying the severity of a painful experience… current or in the past?
  • Were you ever told that things “weren’t that bad” or “are not as bad as you make out” or “to make lemonade from lemons” in some form? (and it didn’t feel good)

Use The NPA Process to clear the energy:

Download The NPA Process for free HERE

  1. Let yourself Spew about a specific time where you experienced this.
    (You can do it on paper or as a voice recording, and be open to whatever aspect of the experience you naturally want to spew about)
  2. Listen for the animated key-word cookie cutters.
  3. NPA the cookie cutter(s) and see where it takes you.


Exercise 2: Finding Your Natural Expression

  1. Get viscerally in touch with the experience of the core energy… the feeling, the energy, the physical sensation etc.
  2. If some words had come which didn’t quite do it for you, let go of them completely and allow yourself to fall into your direct experience.
  3. In any case, slip into a space of wonder…Say out loud “If there were words to describe this experience, I wonder what my they might be?“ It is not something you can go searching for with you mind or any expectation… Just let the answer bubble up naturally… let the word(s) find you…For example, yesterday, what arose for a client to describe her direct experience was “Inner Waterfall of Sparkling Energy” It was right in her core, and truly connecting with it released her from a life long painful survival mechanism.
  4. When YOUR words arrive, again get viscerally in touch with the experience…Feel the words and how they connect you strongly to the feeling. Give yourself some time with the experience and notice what happens. You may experience some release, realisations, feelings or an opening.Big and bold, or subtle and simple… no matter, trust your own experience and the process.
  5. You can come back to these words repeatedly to access the experience.
  6. You can also try running it through The NPA Process.

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