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Want Wealth? Get Connected To What Truly Matters | BABH S1Ep96

season 1 Aug 03, 2021

EPISODE 96: Want Wealth? Get Connected To What Truly Matters

A lot of folk around me have been sharing how money issues have been effecting them.

Wealth, money and abundance - there’s lots of stories and definitions - from which can come a lot of mixed intentionality, confusion and pain.

So today I’m going to share my perspective and offer you some non-personal insights that will help you untangle the knots of abundance blocks!

Plus I’ll give you 3 steps you can take to get clear on what truly matters to you and plug into your natural wealth stream.

So… Cha-ching -hit that play button and let’s jump in!


The 3 Steps

STEP 1: Get real about what truly matters, discover the huge wealth of it that you already have and appreciate your natural abundance.

STEP 2: Come to peace with your relationship to monetary wealth as it truly is right now and understand where it sits in the landscape of who you experience yourself to be.

STEP 3: Allow these relationships to evolve in a way that keeps you as connected as possible to your point of materialisation, your sense of abundance and any newly clarified intentions, in a sustainable way going forward.  


JUST LAUNCHED: A Programme that will help you with those three steps and more:

The August Abundance Assembly

I ran a live course several years ago that will help you with this and more… PLUS I realised today that I have the recordings…

So here’s what I’ve done…

I’ve put the recordings into a course and made it available today!

It’s called The August Abundance Assembly and I ran it over 4 weeks.

That means you can follow along at your own pace when you join The August Abundance Assembly; and shift your relationship to money and abundance.

With NPA at it's heart, including powerful new NPA Frames and deep inquiries that will get you clear and congruent about what truly matters to you and how abundance and money flow best in your life.

And it doesn't have to take you 4 weeks because I’ve made ALL the recording available to you right after you sign up.

The 4 core modules cover:

Your Natural Abundance
In module 1 we will focus on getting connected to how your manifestation pathways are already functioning beautifully. You will become super clear about what truly matters to you and where the path to your natural abundance lays.

The Trouble with Money
In module 2 we will turn our attention to your 'Money Energies'. We'll be identifying and clearing whatever yucky stuff you have attached to money, looking at who you become with money and ultimately balancing your money energies out until they become crystal clear.

Your Money Marriage
In week 3 we get relational. We take a good look at the relational dynamics at play between you and money, indulge in a little 'Money is from Mars, I am from Venus' couples therapy and re-kindle the spark that somehow got lost along the way!

Seriously though, I've found with NPA that looking at a situation through the lens of relationship is an incredibly powerful, and wonderfully healing thing - so this module is particularly powerful!

Your Way To Wealth
In week 4 we get to explore a beautiful future for you & money. The new wholesome money marriage will guide you as to how that wishes to express itself now, and we'll look at how that energy can be supercharged going forward!

What you'll get:

  • Downloadable worksheets for all the prep and process work
  • Recording of all the calls, conveniently split into easy to digest, organised and navigable chunks
  • Access to support through the comments where you can get any questions answered and share your experience with the community

Jump in and get started today at no risk with our 30 day guarantee…

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Support Can Really Help: Let Me Help You

If you'd like some expert support as you undergo this process (especially if you're having a hard time with this kind of situation) then reach out and let me help you.

You can check out my session details and even set up a quick chat with me: Get in touch and let's have a chat about some 1:1 sessions with me


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