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Discover Your Foundational Soul Map | Live Life In Alignment | BABH S2Ep127

season 2 Apr 19, 2022

EPISODE 127: Discover Your Foundational Soul Map | Live Life In Alignment

Today I’m sharing a powerful self-awareness tool that I regularly use with my clients.

I call it the Foundational Soul Map and clients who’ve applied it to their lives have found their sense of purpose, self understanding and their relationship to the multi-faceted aspects of life has improved enormously, not to mention the wonderful healing benefits I’ve seen.

True fulfilment comes from being fully aligned but rarely do we know what that looks like; where do we focus, what are the signals that move us, how do we embody it through action?

If you want to discover your Foundational Soul Map, this episode will lay it out for you and highlight exactly what you need to explore in yourself to start living an aligned and ‘on purpose’ life.

Click that play button and let’s dive in.

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Foundational Soul Map Overview:

  • Map - maps give you reference points that help you navigate
  • Soul - activation points - aligns with on-purpose - who you are and why you’re here
  • Foundational - intrinsically you - you in essence

How is it useful?

  • Self awareness - what makes you tick
  • I use it with clients because I've seen power of alignment - knowing what matters to each of us as individuals
    • Actions out of alignment - bad shit happens, off, not work so well, resistance, frustration, hard work, less effective
    • Actions in alignment - flow, purpose, magic, everything works smoothly, energy resonance within mind, body, soul
  • Seen especially with physical conditions
    • Physical manifestations as ‘off’ signals (chronic misalignment)
  • Expresses itself through life
    • Not about specific circumstantial actions
    • flavours throughout many actions
  • Benefit: self awareness, empowerment, flow, ‘fixing’ multiple issues/scenarios

Multiple aspects of self…

Focus often on one alone (being, soul, personality) - NPA multiple perspectives model
Including all means full alignment - cogs = most leveraged, fully embodied self - “fulfilled” not part filled

What are the parts?

Think in terms of ‘flavours’ of your energy-self
Alignment / Fuel/Signal / Expression

Point of self connection - what aligns you with your core, what matters most
Often alignment is perceived as flaw, been suppressed or minimised

What moves you, what signals your purpose
Fuel/Signal - radar, sensory acuity to… trigger (how do you know when to move/act in accordance with divine calling)

purpose in action (unhindered natural expression)
Expression is embodiment of above and when witnessed in others will often move you - movies that make you cry or move your spirit are usually things that reflect this embodiment to you (can also be strong memories of loved one’s actions/behaviours)

How do I find mine?

  • Listen closely - what moves you - movies/memories
  • For self - ongoing inquiry… can be tricky for yourself, I often do it for clients, obvious after the fact but blind to it before
  • What are perceived flaws? Conflict around our gifts… gift/trap dynamic (working the energy both sides - the challenge)

Then What?

  • Sit with it...
  • Notice it...
  • See what comes..

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