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What’s Your Happiness? | How To Find Happiness Within Yourself | BABH S1Ep26

season 1 Mar 24, 2020

EPISODE 26: What's Your Happiness?

I’m a great believer in the power of clarity, so today I’m going to dig a little deeper into the whole happiness thing.

Firstly I’m going to share a way for you to find out what’s your happiness - what happiness looks like to you in any given situation.

It’s a really quick and powerful exercise that helps you align with yourself and what you truly want, rather than flail around in some nebulous idea of what ‘people’ say is a good idea to want, or what will make you “happy”.

A core aspect of NPA and the non-personal philosophy is to honour your expression; to find the words that truly click for you. That way you actually invoke the power of your word and really start shifting things on your journey.

Then we’ll look at how you can navigate the road from inner lockdown to your happiness; how to find happiness within yourself.

Sound good?

Hit that play button and enjoy!


First up, the happiness label can potentially be a bit misleading, so it’s important to to find a resonant label (or state) that is your happy in a particular context.

The clue is when you’re wanting to, or striving for a particular state and all it brings is frustration or you find yourself striving but not really shifting. That tells you that it’s NOT your happiness and it’s time to examine what that really is. Then, try..

The Stop, Drop And Wonder Process:

Stop the momentum of the chase… simply realise that what you think you want is not it… take a breath and let that truth land

Consciously drop the idea and come to neutral

Let yourself wonder… literally say to yourself: “Hmmm... I wonder… If there was some positive state which I truly wanted to experience, what might that be?”…
Be still and let the answer find you.

A Somatic Approach

Note: Watch out for the trap of conditional happiness i.e.. buying the idea that something external (and likely out of your control) needs to happen before you let yourself be happy.

  1. Come within and connect to your emotions
  2. Feel your way through the emotions - there may be a few layers
  3. Continue until you feel some sort of relief, or your version of happiness.

REMEMBER: If you’re having difficulty feeling happy or get stuck, then remember that your happiness is worth investing in, so consider getting help.

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