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How To Handle Uncertainty And Flow Forward | BABH S1Ep33

season 1 May 12, 2020

EPISODE 33: How To Handle Uncertainty And Flow Forward

As the world starts figuring out how we all come out of lockdown, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air and a sense of panic and stress as questions are left unanswered.

The thing is, life is filled with change and newness, so meeting the unknown and that sense of uncertainty is something we deal with all the time. You’d think we’d be cool with it by now.

And yet it seems to strike fear into the heart of us and things can all go a bit Pete Tong (That’s street rhyming slang for ‘wrong’ btw… and I’m definitely dating myself there 😂)

So in this weeks episode we look at why uncertainty can be such a challenge and create so much stress. Then I offer some practical ways to approach uncertainty that will relieve that stress and help you find your flow.

So click that play button and enjoy!

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Why do we have an issue with uncertainty?

  • The mind craves certainty (direction/purpose/clarity)
  • Conditioning to seek external advice
  • Discomfort with the unknown

Your Authority Response can have a lot to do with how these play out.

General points on handling uncertainty

  • There is a dance between external and internal stimulus. Neither is invalid and they work together to navigate through challenges.
  • Questions are valid, it's not about ignoring conditions. However, when there are no answers yet, it's time to resolve the inner turmoil another way
  • The '3 reasons why' (above) are often interlinked. Resolving one can often cascade into solving the others.


For Craving Certainty:

Look at how you can access the desired states now - unconditionally of the situation.

  • CERTAINTY: What AM I certain about now?
  • DIRECTION: What CAN I do now?
  • PURPOSE: What CAN I feel purposeful about now?
  • CLARITY: What AM I clear about now?

You can also use The Unconditional Pivot Exercise from Episode 27.

When you sense conditioning to seek external advice:

Consider this a BIG opportunity to move into more conscious self-empowerment.

  • Use self-inquiry to get answers from within
  • Ask yourself what you CAN do
  • Look for other ways to build self-trust

Listen to Episode 29 for more details on Your Authority Response to help you move to Conscious Empowerment.

When avoiding discomfort is the driving force:

Discomfort is part of life. Trying to avoid it (which is hopeless - have you noticed?) only holds you back from reaching your full potential.

The key is to:


This is an amazing life skill to nurture!

To help, try using

(both available for free)

The Big Solution

Suffering from uncertainty is a symptom of 'future thinking' and more than anything else, what will end that suffering is becoming PRESENT

Simple ways to become present:

Overall, approach all these suggestions lightly. Enter a discovery mindset and explore what feels like a fit for you.


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