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Emotional Release with NPA | 3 People Transform Their Lockdown Issues | BABH S1Ep35

season 1 May 26, 2020

EPISODE 35: Emotional Release with NPA

Have you ever felt vulnerable and afraid to face the strong emotions that surface within you? Have you wondered how the heck you can face them and let them pass?
Have you been feeling like your battery has run low during lockdown and the usual way you recharge just isn't available right now? Have you wondered how you can feel yourself again as long as these circumstances continue?
Have you ever had emotions arise with no apparent reason; your mind gets busy and looks for somewhere to direct them? What if there was a way to let them pass quickly and easy without needed to understand where they come from first?
Well, the answers are here!
This episode gives you a peak behind the doors of a NPA Community Call where I'm offering support and a chance to swap NPA processes to release those lockdown issues. You'll hear how three people from that call had these experiences and were able to resolve them with NPA - so you'll know how you can do that too.


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