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Pandemic Energy Patterns: What Can We Learn? | BABH S1Ep37

season 1 Jun 09, 2020

EPISODE 37: Pandemic Energy Patterns: What Can We Learn?

As we go through this extraordinary time on the planet, I've noticed there are recognisable phases and patterns playing out.

In this episode I'll be exploring these 'pandemic energy patterns' and offering my perspective in answer to the questions:

  • What are they?
  • How can they help us understand ourselves and how we respond to what's happening?
  • And what does understanding the cycle tell us about what is to come?

Expect insights, invitations to reflect on your own life (with practical suggestions) and a few predictions...

Click that play button and let's get into it!


Energy Basics

Energy compels form.

In other words all the stuff that shows up, including expression and thought, is at consequence to the larger energy of the universe; by virtue of resonance. Energy forms waves; simple and complex patterns.

To see a demonstration of this principle in action, watch this video:

As you watch nature and human life, you'll start to see cycles and patterns of behaviour. The situation or circumstances may be different, but it can be useful to examine what cycles of patterns of behaviour are at play.

Lockdown Patterns

There's no science here; just my observations and perspectives, based on my experience.

The lockdown phases seem to have prompted general responses from humanity that mirror the lifecycle of the butterfly - a classic transformational journey.

Following this path we can predict the general nature of the next 3 phases of the cycle: as we emerge and stand vulnerable in our newness, the newness solidifies and we take flight in our new form - discovering who we are anew.

Your Own Inquiry

Ask yourself about your own experience of these energies; your own responses and reactions during the lockdown phases.

  • What issues/fears came up at each phase?
  • Which were easy? Which were hard?
  • What (and where) were your breakthroughs?

Looking back at your life:

  • Do you recognise these patterns?
  • Have you been through this cycle before?

Using these insights into your pattern to look ahead:

  • What were your responses during the vulnerability, solidification and flight stages?
  • Are there areas where you can strengthen or be more mindful?
  • Are there aspects of existing strength that you can lean into? 

Know your pattern. Know your Solution.

Use these insights to discover where you can become more conscious; to see what's working for you and what's not (ie brings stress).


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