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Finding Your Guiding Lights | BABH S1Ep59

season 1 Nov 10, 2020

EPISODE 58: Finding Your Guiding Lights

So much of life is about decisions.

You could say that the quality of how you experience life can be mapped against your ability to flow in your decisions.

And yet so many of us can feel lost and confused when it comes to all those little (and big) decisions of life.

And even we’re good at decisions, there’s always rom to refine and review how we make them.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What are ‘Guiding Lights’
  • Why they are so important
  • How to find your guiding lights
  • And how to use them

Because when you have them, those decisions can become so much easier!

Click that play button and let's get in to it!


Your Guiding Lights are your navigators, your rudders in the waters of life's decisions

Guiding Lights can be:

  • Principles
  • Values
  • Metrics
  • Mantras
  • Questions
  • Mindsets
  • Philosophies

You may have different guiding lights for different contexts and they are not static; they may evolve over time as you and the context of your life changes.


My Personal Examples

These are in question format

  • Is it kind to me?
    A guiding light for actions/choices
  • Is it kind, is it useful?
    A guiding light for communication
  • What's the common intention?
    A guiding light for relationships and especially during conflict

Examples From Clients

These are more value flavoured guiding lights in the context of who/how the client wishes to be as she moves into 2021:

  • Here and engaged
  • Stimulated and relaxed
  • Self supporting (Am I supporting myself)

This is a more metrics based guiding light example

  • Money (Amount paid) vs Hassle vs Wellbeing
    With metrics it's often about thinking in terms of equations and balances. In this example the client was moving from money being weighted very heavily to wellbeing taking priority. The clear metrics (guiding lights) help the client make clear decisions about what work to take on (or not)

NPA Example

NPA as a methodology has it's own guiding lights, which are referred to as 'The NPA Philosophies'

  • Animation is King
  • Be agenda-less
  • Drop the dogma


  1. Know that they are already within you
    - Ask yourself 'What matters to me (in this situation/context)
    - Use INQUIRY (Ask the question, let the answer find you)
  2. Are they working for you?
    - NO/NOT ENTIRELY: Clarify-Test-Amend
    - YES: Make them more conscious


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