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Letting Go Of Resistance | BABH S1Ep71

season 1 Feb 09, 2021

EPISODE 71: Letting Go Of Resistance

Have you ever experienced resistance along your path of transformation and personal growth?

Resistance is one of THE biggest issues, that can slow-down or even halt your growth and can even lead to burnout. In todays episode we’re putting it under the microscope and looking at how you can let resistance go.

We’re gonna look at

  • How resistance shows up (so you know how to recognise the symptoms and signs)
  • What’s the real cost of having resistance?
  • What are the main causes of resistance (they’re probably not what you think)
  • What would life without resistance look like?

So click that play button and let’s get into it!


How Does Resistance Show Up?

  • Polarised positions/Stuck perspectives
  • Stubbornness
  • Procrastination
  • Avoidance
  • Diversions

The Cost Of Resistance

  • Slows/halts transformation
  • Takes a LOT of energy
  • The creation of defensive/justifying stories (red-herring syndrome)

The Main Causes Of Resistance

BEWARE THE MYTH: That resistance means we don't want to change!

  • Having an agenda
  • Fear (uncertainty, vulnerability - often born from parts with an agenda)
  • Pressure (too much, too soon, steps too big)

Life Without Resistance

  • Free movement (exploration & a true discovery mindset)
  • Flexibility in perspective
  • Awareness of the right pace
  • More energy
  • More passion
  • More growth
  • More adult (less child)
  • Confidence & trust

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Let Me Help You

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