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Staying Centred In A Hostile Environment and Healing Divided Families | BABH S1Ep76

season 1 Mar 16, 2021

EPISODE 76: Staying Centred In A Hostile Environment (and Healing Divided Families)

When you have a passion, a cause or any situation where you want to stand up for yourself (or what you stand for in the world), it can often be met with hostility and resistance.

In this episode I'm joined by Colby Tootoosis who shares how he has been healing divisions in the heart of The Cree Nation.

Colby not only stood his ground in the face of political corruption but also helped a family, divided by gang affiliations, to find peace, freedom and realisation with NPA.

This episode will inspire you to what's possible in any kind of hostile or divided situation you find yourself in.

So click that play button and let’s get into it!

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This inspirational interview with Colby Tootoosis, a community leader in Poundmaker, Cree Nation is filled with heartwarming wisdom and reminds you of the difference each of us can make.

Colby shares how The NPA Process really helped him through his term of office, where his commitment to integrity ruffled the feathers of the establishment.

He also describes how he helped a family, divided by gang affiliations, to find peace, freedom and realisation with NPA.

And also how it has mended and strengthened his own personal relationships.

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