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How Do I Stay In The Zone? (The Answer May Surprise You) | BABH S1Ep84

season 1 May 11, 2021

EPISODE 84: How Do I Stay In The Zone? (The Answer May Surprise You)

How do I stay in "The Zone"?

You know what I'm talking about: That magic zone, that sense of aligned positivity you get after a rocking break-through process?

In fact, how do you live a high vibe life; perpetually positive and zinging with magnetic aliveness; total enlightened consciousness; empty mind; right in the present moment?

Well, I hear this question in various forms being asked a lot by awakened, growth seeking beings such as yourself. In fact I was asked a version of this question just last night on a recorded call... and (heads up!) the answer I gave may surprise you.

But I figured that's even more of a reason to share it with you, which is what I'm doing in this episode.

So brace yourself, click that play button and let's get to it!

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Stage 1: 

  • Drop any expectation that this will happen
  • Embrace your humanity

Stage 2: 

  • Rather than trying to rid yourself of the 'not in the zone' times, shift your relationship to it
  • Choose better stories about it and reduce unnecessary suffering

Stage 3:

  • Awaken the witness
  • "Don't touch the spew" - be unedited in your expression and let the witness see it in awareness

Book reference for the Vasilisa story:
Women Who Run With The Wolves (by Clarissa Pinkola Estés)

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