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Why Resistance In The Healing Space Is Everything | BABH S1Ep87

season 1 Jun 01, 2021

EPISODE 87: Why Resistance In The Healing Space Is Everything

Today is a 'handover' episode because I did a Facebook Live earlier today on a really important topic about why resistance in the healing space is everything.

It's geared towards therapists, coaches, change-makers and wellbeing facilitators who work 1:1 with clients - and if you're one of those this episode could rock your world (in a good way obvs 😁)!

However, if you're here for the usual gourmet slice of self-development there's definitely gems in here for you too!

I'm asking the question "Have you got resistance backwards?"

Understand what I share in THIS episode and it changes the game...

So hit that play button and let's dive into this juicy topic!

Want to watch and comment on the original Facebook live? CLICK HERE.

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Key Points:

  • Resistance isn't a phenomenon that just get's technique'd away
  • It's not about the right/wrong tools
  • It's not about self-blame as a therapist (change-worker etc)
  • It's not about a coincidental mirror of your unresolved stuff
  • You think it's just a resistant client. What you're not seeing is it's the entire dynamic between you, your clients and your whole practice playing out right there.
  • Resistance in the energy field doesn't just show up in a therapeutic session. It impacts:
    • Your decisions, behaviours and success in attracting clients
    • The fees you charge
    • The results you get with your clients
    • The energetic transmission of your clients' referrals
    • The energy cost to you and your client
    • Which in turn affects your client number capacity 
  • Becoming resistance free is a skill, not just an innate talent.
  • Becoming resistance free is 'tool agnostic'


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