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Living In A Fluid Reality (Why Stuckness Is Impossible) | BABH S1Ep90

season 1 Jun 22, 2021

EPISODE 90: Living In A Fluid Reality (Why Stuckness Is Impossible)

What if it was fundamentally impossible to be stuck?

This is 1 of 7 contemplations I put to you in episode 88 and today we're going to delve deeper into this profound topic.

We'll look at:

  • Why we're living in fluid reality and stuckness is (at a quantum level) fundamentally impossible.
  • The exciting implications of aligning with this world view and how that can positively impact your life.
  • How you can apply this in a practical sense, so you can take yourself from the experience of stuckness to the experience of flow (whatever the circumstance).
  • Why this means you can open the doors of possibility to changing the things that have seemed unchangeable in your life to both reduce suffering and increase joy.

So hit that play button and let's dive into it!


The experience of stuckness vs The reality of constant motion

The Quantum Model:

  • Everything is energy
  • Energy operates as waves
  • Waves are a matter of vibration (constant motion)
  • The Universe is expanding (constant motion)
  • Waves creates vortices which create forces; opposing forces create apparent solidity (hence things can seem solid aka stuck in form; nevertheless, at a quantum level motion is happening)
  • This is effectively 2 perspectives of the same happening.

The idea that you're stuck vs The notion that you're not

  • Where your mind aligns has a massive impact on the roll-on perceptions and, therefore, behaviours, feelings, actions etc.
  • Aligning with the idea 'I am stuck'
    • Less open to lessons
    • Less open to change
    • Confirmation bias creates a self-fulfilling prophesy and a spiral of stuckness
  • Aligning with the notion you are always, at a quantum level, in motion
    • Anything in motion takes less energy to move (the coefficient of static friction is higher than the coefficient of kinetic friction)
    • The famous boxer Mohamed Ali was able to out manoeuvre much bigger opponents because he was in constant motion ("Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee")
    • Aligning your mind with motion makes it more agile in the face of apparent stuckness.
    • Confirmation bias creates a positive spiral: it perceives where motion is happening; lessons, opportunities, change 

Practical Application when you feel stuck

Option 1 - Contemplation:

  • Stop
  • Breathe
  • Contemplate the notion that everything is in constant motion
  • Align with the motion

Option 2 - NPA:

Identifying with something effectively creates a holding pattern and, where this no longer resonates, this can create apparent stuckness in some form. NPA is a fantastic tool here because it inherently works at an identity level and operates within the energetic perspective.


  • Download The NPA Process sheet if you haven't already
  • Use Q1 on the sheet and focus on where you are experiencing apparent stuckness
  • Follow the instructions on the sheet to access the key word/phase (Cookie Cutter) and use that for the process (this pin-points the holding pattern)
  • Place the 'cookie cutter' in the blank space of the process
  • Speak the words out loud
  • Simply allow your experience.

Support Can Really Help: Let Me Help You

If you'd like some expert support as you undergo this process (especially if you're having a hard time shifting that sense of stuckness) then reach out and let me help you.

You can check out my session details and even set up a quick chat with me: Get in touch and let's have a chat about some 1:1 sessions with me


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