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7 Effortless Contemplations To Raise Your Vibration | BABH S1Ep88

season 1 Jun 08, 2021

EPISODE 88: 7 Effortless Contemplations To Raise Your Vibration

What if lifting yourself up could be effortless?

These last 2 days I’ve been diving deep into non-personal awareness with a group of amazing and intrepid individuals who are taking the journey of NPA Mastery.

I was viscerally reminded of the power of the non-personal, agenda free energy and how, when you let yourself bathe in it: life and whatever you’re looking to achieve - becomes effortless.

So, in this episode I’m inviting you to contemplate some non-personal notions & see where that takes you…

These 7 contemplations give you an opportunity to experience what it’s like to effortlessly raise your vibration…

So hit that play button and let's dive into this juicy topic!


The thing about simply contemplating, and meeting any perspective as a notion (and folks – all we have are notions about the mystery) is that it invites an opening without agenda.

Agendaless-ness is at the heart of NPA and it’s a beautiful paradox that so much power becomes available as you loosen the grip of knowing and control, and allow the discovery to begin.

I’m not trying to convince you of the truth of these statements; they are literally notions and this is literally an invitation for you to contemplate them.

I’m going to give you each one and offer my perspective on it, then I’ll invite you to contemplate it.

Assuming you’re in a safe place to do that, you can simply take a deep breath, close your eyes and ponder it… try it on for size and see where it takes you…

I’ll also put them in the form of memes below, so you can read, rather than listen, if that works better for you.

Even just a minute on each could have a profound impact on your vibe… (longer would be awesome!) – Think of it as a gift to yourself ♥


Contemplation 1:

Contemplation 2:

Contemplation 3:

Contemplation 4:

Contemplation 5:

Contemplation 6:

Contemplation 7:


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